LA2: Bovine Diseases (GI)

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  1. Actinobacillosis aka
    wooden tongue
  2. Actinobacillosis is a normal inhabitant of what?
    the mouth
  3. How is actinobacillosis transmitted?
    enters wounds by weeds/plants
  4. What is the agent in actinobacillosis?AL
    Actinobacillosis ligieressii
  5. Symptoms of actinobacillosis:NTS
    • nodular swelling
    • tongue protrusion
    • salivation
  6. tx for actinobacillosis:TS
    • tetracycline
    • sodium iodine
  7. Actinomycosis aka
    lumpy jaw
  8. Agent for actinomycosis:AB
    Actinomyces bovis
  9. Transmission of actinomycosis
    enters wounds by weeds and plants
  10. Symptoms of actinomycosis:OLHM
    • osteomyelitis of mandible
    • less commonly maxilla
    • hard immovable bony mass
    • may involve tooth root
  11. tx for actinomycosis
    • not as responsive to abx because deep infx
    • may need sx
  12. In Johne's dz bacteria develope in _ _ (in the intestines) and are phagocytized by _
    • peyer's patches
    • macrophages
  13. Agent in johne's dz:MP
    Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
  14. Transmission of johne's dz
    fecal oral rt
  15. Johne's dz is contracted by calves < _, but is not apparent until they are _
    • 6mo
    • 2yr
  16. With Johne's dz young cows have a good appetite but
    loose weight and have d+
  17. tx for Johne's dz
    test and cull
  18. Is there a vx for Johne's dz?
    yes it is state controlled
  19. BVD stands for
    bovine viral diarrhea
  20. Agent of BVD
  21. Transmission of BVD:ODS
    • oral/nasal rt
    • direct contact
    • semen
  22. BVD usually infects calves at
  23. Calves born to a cow with the virus will
    have the virus
  24. If the fetus is _ it may die or have defect
  25. After _ the fetus will develop antibodies
  26. What the primary source of infx with BVD?
  27. Other than the cow who can be a carrier for BVD?SGD
    • sheep
    • goats
    • deer
  28. Although the symptoms for BVD are mainly GI what may occur?
    secondary infx such of resp (pneumonia) or repro
  29. Is there a vx for BVD?
    yes a MLV(used with caution) and a killed
  30. Calf scours aka
    neonatal d+
  31. What are the causes for calf scours?BVPN
    • bacterial
    • viral
    • parasitic
    • nutritional
  32. Symptoms of calf scours:DDDL
    • d+
    • dehydration
    • depression
    • loss of suckle reflex
  33. tx of calf scours:IEB
    • isolate
    • electerolytes
    • broad spectrum abx
  34. What are 3 ways to prevent calf scours?CHC
    • calf hatches
    • hygiene
    • colostrum
  35. When is the vx for calf scours given?
    2-4wks prepartum
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