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  1. „compartment” My purse has several compartments.
    - schowek
  2. „online” Use our online shop, and get free postage!
    - internetowy
  3. „right” Well done –that's the right answer!
    - poprawny
  4. „website” For more information about the hotel, visit our website.
    - strona internetowa
  5. „book” He likes to read adventure books.
    - książka
  6. „chat” Come to my house after work and we can have a cup of tea and a chat.
    - pogawędka
  7. „cinema” Shall we go to the cinema tonight?
    - kino
  8. „different” English and Chinese are very different languages.
    - inny
  9. „drink” I don't drink coffee, only tea.
    - pić
  10. „easy” Last night's homework was very easy.
    - łatwy
  11. „eat” What do you want to eat for lunch?
    - jeść
  12. „everywhere” These days there are people with mobile phones everywhere.
    - wszędzie
  13. „forum” I like talking to other trainspotters on this internet forum.
    - forum
  14. „golf” Do you play golf?
    - golf
  15. „gym” I go to the gym twice a week.
    - siłownia
  16. „junk food” You eat too much junk food.
    - "śmieciowe" jedzenie
  17. „laid-back” Phil is a very laid-back person.
    - wyluzowany
  18. „like” Katie likes John a lot.
    - lubić
  19. „litre” I try to drink a litre of water a day.
    - litr
  20. „musical” I love all the old Hollywood musicals.
    - musical
  21. „noticeboard” The exam results are on the noticeboard.
    - tablica ogłoszeń
  22. „old” My grandfather is a very old man – he's ninety-six years old!
    - stary
  23. „play” Do you know how to play tennis?
    - grać
  24. „popcorn” We bought some popcorn before going in to see the film.
    - prażona kukurydza
  25. „post” How much does it cost to post a letter to Australia?
    - wysłać
  26. „running” Running keeps me fit.
    - bieganie
  27. „sometimes” I go there for lunch sometimes.
    - czasami
  28. „sport” I like to play most sports, but basketball is my favourite.
    - sport
  29. „swimming” Do you want to go swimming?
    - pływanie
  30. „teacher” Miss Lind is my English teacher.
    - nauczyciel
  31. „together” Work together in a group of five students.
    - razem
  32. „weekend” Did you have a good weekend?
    - weekend
  33. „man” He is a very important man.
    - człowiek
  34. „activity” My favourite holiday activity is sunbathing.
    - czynność
  35. „neighbour” All our friends and neighbours are coming to the party.
    - sąsiad
  36. „positive” I feel very positive about my driving test.
    - optymistycznie
  37. „car” We decided to travel by car.
    - samochód
  38. „party” We're having a party next Saturday.
    - przyjęcie
  39. „team” I play for my local football team.
    - drużyna
  40. „dinner” I'm going out for dinner tonight.
    - obiad
  41. „early” I get up very early every day.
    - wczesny
  42. „finish” Finish this exercise for homework, please.
    - kończyć
  43. „get up” I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.
    - wstać
  44. „late” I got up late this morning.
    - późno
  45. „leave” What time did you leave the party yesterday?.
    - opuścić
  46. „lunch” I'm having fish and chips for lunch today!
    - lunch
  47. „school” Mr Mamood is a teacher at my school.
    - szkoła
  48. „start” My little brother started school yesterday.
    - start
  49. „every” Every hotel in the city centre is very expensive.
    - każdy
  50. „morning” I was late for work this morning.
    - poranek
  51. „fly” I prefer flying to going by ferry.
    - latać
  52. „Friday” See you on Friday!
    - piątek
  53. „Monday” I start my new job on Monday.
    - poniedziałek
  54. „Saturday” Saturday is my favourite day of the week!
    - sobota
  55. „it sounds” It sounds like she's very angry!
    - wygląda na to, że
  56. „statement” The president is making a statement on the news today.
    - zdanie
  57. „Sunday” My mum goes to church every Sunday.
    - niedziela
  58. „Thursday” Claire goes to hospital on Thursday.
    - czwartek
  59. „Tuesday” Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 10th of March.
    - wtorek
  60. „verb” Write a list of ten verbs.
    - czasownik
  61. „Wednesday” I go to football practice every Wednesday.
    - środa
  62. „wife” My brother and his wife came to visit us last week.
    - żona
  63. „live” You can visit the studio and watch a live broadcast.
    - na żywo
  64. „next to” I live next to a hairdresser's.
    - obok
  65. „prepare” Prepare a conversation about sport with your partner.
    - przygotować
  66. „show” I love going to see shows in the theatre.
    - przedstawienie
  67. „time” 'What time is it?' 'It’s half past four.'
    - czas
  68. „pilot” His brother is an airline pilot.
    - pilot
  69. „rule” Jamie explained the rules of the game to us.
    - zasada
  70. „think” Think of three verbs related to daily routines.
    - myśleć
  71. „city” London is the largest city in England.
    - miasto
  72. „book” I need to book a table for the restaurant this evening.
    - książka
  73. „leaflet” This is a leaflet about Buckingham Palace.
    - ulotka
  74. „tour” This afternoon I'm going on a tour of the Prado art gallery.
    - wycieczka
  75. „afternoon” He sometimes has a sleep in the afternoon.
    - popołudnie
  76. „bus” I usually catch a bus to college.
    - autobus
  77. „exactly” I knew exactly when it was going to happen.
    - dokładnie
  78. „front” Can I sit in the front of the car?
    - przód
  79. „gate” I enter my front garden through a gate.
    - brama
  80. „slowly” Can you speak more slowly, please?
    - powoli
  81. „woman” Diana is a very beautiful woman.
    - kobieta
  82. „air-conditioned” My office is air-conditioned, which is fantastic in the summer!
    - klimatyzowany
  83. „amazing” Their apartment is amazing.
    - zadziwiający
  84. „beach” Do you want to go to the beach this weekend?
    - plaża
  85. „beautiful” Anna is a beautiful woman.
    - piękny
  86. „boat” Do you want to go on a boat tour with me this afternoon?
    - ódka
  87. „building” The science laboratory is in this building.
    - budynek
  88. „condition” It's a condition of travelling on these trains that you book a seat.
    - warunek
  89. „enjoy” I enjoy shopping with my friends.
    - lubić
  90. „fantastic” It's a fantastic film!
    - fantastyczny
  91. „fishing” Do you want to go fishing?
    - łowienie ryb
  92. „guide” The guide pointed out the cathedral on the left.
    - przewodnik
  93. „harbour” Portsmouth Harbour has lots of boats.
    - przystań
  94. „junk” There are 20 junks in the harbour.
    - dżonka (serio!... rodzaj łodzi:))
  95. „light” There is lots of light in our new apartment.
    - światło
  96. „mountain” My penpal Pietro has a house in the mountains.
    - góra
  97. „outside” There is a bird sitting outside my bedroom window.
    - na zewnątrz
  98. „paradise” Hawaii is a paradise for windsurfers.
    - raj
  99. „port” Liverpool is a large port.
    - port
  100. „revolving” Lots of big hotels have revolving doors.
    - obrotowy
  101. „shopping” My boyfriend hates shopping.
    - zakupy
  102. „street” Go to the end of the street and turn left.
    - ulica
  103. „top” I'm going to try and climb to the top of that tree!
    - szczyt
  104. „tram” There is a very good tram system in Amsterdam.
    - tramwaj
  105. „view” There are wonderful views from the top of the hill.
    - widok
  106. „village” This is the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds.
    - wioska
  107. „chalet” We stayed in a chalet on our skiing holiday.
    - domek w górach
  108. „clear” His writing isn't very clear.
    - czytelny
  109. „cook” All meals are freshly prepared by our cook.
    - kucharz
  110. „cool” I like your new T-shirt – it's really cool!
    - spoko
  111. „holiday” Did you have a nice holiday?
    - zakupy
  112. „presenter” My aunt is a TV presenter on Channel 3.
    - prezenter
  113. „preview” Tonight I'm going to a preview of that new Hollywood blockbuster.
    - zwiastun
  114. „singer” Lady Gaga is my daughter's favourite pop singer.
    - wokalista
  115. „try” Can you try to finish your homework tonight, please?
    - spróbować
  116. „usual” I couldn't park my car in the usual place today.
    - zwyczajny
  117. „bread” Every sandwich is made from bread.
    - chleb
  118. „buy” Where did you buy that T-shirt?
    - kupować
  119. „floor” My dog sleeps on the floor in our kitchen.
    - podłoga
  120. „soup” Brad loves chicken soup.
    - zupa
  121. „wash” My dad pays me to wash his car.
    - myć
  122. „salt” This sauce needs more salt.
    - sól
  123. „video game” My favourite video game is Big Moose Hunter . What's yours?
    - gra wideo
  124. „active” My grandmother says it's important to keep active.
    - aktywny
  125. „Czech Republic” My husband is from the Czech Republic.
    - Republika Czeska
  126. „especially” I love Italian food, especially pizza!
    - szczególnie
  127. „know” My brother knows a lot about cars.
    - znać
  128. „law” You must obey the law.
    - prawo
  129. „lifestyle” He has a very healthy lifestyle.
    - styl życia
  130. „pencil” Can I borrow your pencil?
    - ołówek
  131. „practise” I practise playing the trumpet every
    - ćwiczyć
  132. „Prague” Next year, Mum and Dad are going on holiday to Prague.
    - Paraga
  133. „university” I studied Tourism at university.
    - uniwersytet
  134. „alone” I am alone this weekend – my parents on holiday.
    - sam
  135. „paper” The Times is my favourite paper.
    - gazeta
  136. „study” The scientists are doing a study on in Africa.
    - badania
  137. „„
  138. „accountant” When I finish university I want to be an accountant.
    - księgowy
  139. „actress” Kate Winslet is a famous actress.
    - aktorka
  140. „businessman” My dad's a businessman. He works for a very big company.
    - biznesmen
  141. „businesswoman” My mum has her own company and she's a very good businesswoman.
    - bizneswoman
  142. „chef” My brother's a chef in a famous hotel.
    - szef kuchni
  143. „engineer” Ted's an electrical engineer in the car industry.
    - inżynier
  144. „hairdresser” I've been going to the same hairdresser now for nine years.
    - fryzjerka
  145. „lawyer” My dad's a lawyer.
    - prawnik
  146. „nurse” Nurses are very kind people.
    - pielęgniarka
  147. „personal assisstant” Sarah is personal assistant to the Managing Director.
    - asystentka
  148. „police officer” I want to be a police officer when I finish school.
    - policjant
  149. „politician” The president is the most powerful politician in a country.
    - polityk
  150. „shop assisstant” I work as a shop assistant in a shoe shop.
    - sprzedawca
  151. „sportsman” Stuart is a keen sportsman.
    - sportowiec
  152. „sportswoman” Zara is a very good sportswoman.
    - sportsmenka
  153. „waiter” The waiter showed us to our table.
    - kelner
  154. „waitress” I asked the waitress to give me an orange juice.
    • - kelnerka
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