Chem133 Chapter17

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  1. What is the equilibrium constant?
    • Kc
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  2. Define the equilibrium constant for equation:
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  3. Calculate Qc from elementary steps.
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    • this method can also calculate Kc
  4. What do you do if there is a pure solid or liquid in the reaction when determining Q and K
    • Like its density, the "concentration" of a pure solid or liquid is constant.
    • We are concerned with concentrations that change.
    • Eliminate the terms in the Q and K equations for the pure liquid/solid
  5. Convert Kc into Kp
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    • Where ⌂ngas = moles gaseous product - moles gaseous reactant
  6. What does ICE stand for in ICE tables?
    • Initial- value at the start
    • Change- how much the value changes from the initial
    • Equilibrium- value at equilibrium
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