I202 Readings and Authors

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  1. Swayer
    Social Informatics: Overview, Principles and Oppurtunites
  2. Gathman
    Cell Phones
  3. Green
    Really Thinking about Things
  4. Gold:
    How Smart Does Your Bed Need To Be
  5. Bringsjord
    Only A Technology Triad Can Tame Terror
  6. Nye
    Does Technology Control Us
  7. Baym
    Techological Determinism
  8. Baym
    Social Construction of Technology
  9. Machenzie
    The SHaping of Technology
  10. Winner
    Do Artifacts Have Politics?
  11. Latour
    Science in Action
  12. Heath and Heath
    The Myth About Creation Myths
  13. Mirsky:
    Whose Phone is it Anyway
  14. Boyle:
    Shamans, Software and Spleens
  15. Lessig:
  16. Posner
    Why There Are Too Many Patents in America
  17. Wu
    The Master Switch
  18. Chan
    Coding Free Software, Coding Free States
  19. Raymond
    The Cathedral and the Bazaar
  20. Galdwell
    Why the Revoultion will not be on Twitter
  21. Pariser
    THe Filter Bubble
  22. Grayling
    THe Googlization of Everything
  23. Standon
    Silicon Valley Boot Camp
  24. Winner
    Electronic Cottage
  25. Howard
    How I Escaped from Amazon.cult
  26. Hughes
    The System Must be First
  27. Heeks
    ICT4D 2.0
  28. Oxford
    Blogging from the Bush
  29. Gershon
    Breakup 2.0
  30. Coleman
    What is an Avatar
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