chapter 8-2

  1. retractions
    movement in which the skin pulls in around the ribs during inspiration
  2. rhonchi
    coarse, low pitched breath sounds heard in a patient with chronic mucus in the upper airways
  3. sample history
    a key, brief history of a patients condition to determine signs and symptoms, allergies, medications, pertinent past history, last oral intake, and events leading up to the illness/injury
  4. scene size-up
    a quick assessment of the scene and the surroundings made to provide information about its safety and the mechanism of injury or nature of illness, before you enter and begin patient care
  5. sclera
    the white portion of the eye; the tough outer coat that gives protection to the delicate, light sensitive, inner layer
  6. stridor
    a harsh, high pitched insiratory sound that is often heard in acute laryngeal (upper airway) obstruction; may sound like crowing and be heard without a stethoscope
  7. subcutaneous emphysema
    the presence of air in soft tissues, causing a characteristic crackling sensation on palpation
  8. triage
    the process of establishing treatment and transportation priorities according to severity of injury and medical need
  9. two-to three-word dyspnea
    a severe breathing problem in which a patient can speak only two to three words at a time without pausing to take a breath
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