flight chap 2

  1. Four forces that operate on a plane are?
    Thrust, drag, lift and weight.
  2. The angle between the relative wind and the chord line is?
    • angle of attack
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  3. The critical angle of attack is where what happens?
    Airflow separation begins and the wing no longer produces lift.
  4. Load factor is?
    Load on the wings divided by the weight of the airplane. G's
  5. Maneuvering speed is what?
    VA The maximum speed at which you can make abrupt control movements and fly in turbulence. Maneuvering speed is directly correlated with airplane weight.
  6. Describe induced drag and parasite drag.
    • Induced drag: the product of the production of lift.
    • Parasite drag: drag from speed and wind resistance.
  7. List the 3 major causes of left-turning tendency.
    • TORQUE: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - the air striking the propeller wants to turn it
    • PROPELLER FACTOR: occurs at slow flight and high angles of attack
    • SLIPSTREAM EFFECT: swirling air around the fuselage striking the vertical stabilizer
    • and a minor cause
    • GYROSCOPIC PRECESSION: the prop acts like a gyroscope of sorts
  8. The inclinometer is part of what instrument?
    • The turn coordinator.
    • Step on the ball.
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