English 12 Medieval Quiz

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  1. Eternal damnation
  2. A man who's wife has committed adultery
  3. A place devoted to religious seclusion
  4. Social position or rank
  5. Morally pure; innocent, decent
  6. A senile person
  7. One who prepares and sells drugs legally
  8. Easily angered; bad tempered
  9. An English parliament member
  10. Conceited; Arrogant; Stuck-up
  11. To release from punishment
  12. Venomous snake
  13. Mindful of the future
  14. Greed/extreme desire for wealth
  15. Ominous or potentially evil
  16. Food
  17. Mistress/lover in adulterer affair
  18. The formal remission of sin imparted by a priest
  19. Criminal offense of marrying a person while still legally married to another
  20. Who was the author of Morte Darthur?
    Sir Thomas Malory
  21. Where were the first books of Morte Darthur printed at?
    The Caxton Printing Press
  22. Who was the author of The Canterbury Tales?
    Geoffrey Chaucer
  23. How many people went on the pilgrimage in the Canterbury Tales?
  24. How much of the Canterbury Tale's was completed?
  25. Where did the pilgrimage start?
    The Tabard Inn in Southwark
  26. Where was the pilgrimage headed?
    To see Thomas Beckett's shrine in Canterbury
  27. What was the name of the inn keeper?
    Harry Bailey
  28. Who lived around 300 B.C. and always wanted the finer things in life?
  29. What was the name of the person who could not exit their limits?
  30. How did the people in the Canterbury Tale's win the storytelling contest?
    Their stories had to have good morality and general pleasure
  31. At what time of the year did the pilgrimage start?
  32. When the audience, reader, or author character knows something important that the speaking or acting character does not know
    Dramatic Irony
  33. A way of using humor to point out how weak, bad, terrible someone or something is. It does not appear to be humorous on the surface, but when one looks at the big picture, the humor is obvious
  34. A lose-lose scenario; one in which your decision, regardless of what is is, will cost you
  35. When William decided to survey England and determine exactly what everyone owned, his men wrote decisions down into a ledger which is officially titled "The Description of England." What did the hold over Anglo-Saxons/Britons refer to it as?
    Domesday Book
  36. What is the military service rendered in return for the right to live on and tend to land belonging to the government called?
  37. What was the code of ethics by which knights lived and which elevated the status of women and dictated protocol for fight by knights called?
  38. What was the name of the university which was established in England by the year of 1117?
  39. Thomas Beckett, who was killed by 4 of Henry II's knights, without Henry's knowledge, held this title, which led to Henry being excommunicated by the Catholic Church. What was his title and/or job?
    Thomas Beckett was the Archbishop of Canterbury
  40. What is the name of the document that King John was forced to sign in 1215, which limited his power and is the foundation for the formation of Parliament?
    Magna Carta
  41. The Hundred Years War was a battle that took place between England and what other country?
  42. What killed 1/3 of England's population?
    Black Death/ Bubonic Plague
  43. The time period during which people quarreled over who was the Pope and during which time there were as many as 3 popes at a time was called what?
    The Great Schism
  44. List 3 things the Squire did for entertainment while riding
    Sing, Tell Stories, Dance
  45. What did the Clerk from Oxford do with whatever amount of money he got?
    Spent money on books and learning instead of food and clothing
  46. The Friar would absolve anyone of their sins if they did what?
    If they paid/bribed him
  47. Who had a sore on his shin, which may have been alarming to others on the trip in the medieval period in England?
    The Cook
  48. Who spoke "Inferior French" and was pleasant and sensitive?
    The Prioress
  49. Who was, as Chaucer writes, "Not Undergrown"?
    The Prioress
  50. Who served as an intermediary between the lord of a manor and the workers and was feared by those beneath him?
    The Reeve
  51. Who is the Squire's dad?
    The Knight
  52. How many husbands had the Wife of Bath had?
  53. What did the Monk do for fun, which most though he shouldn't do?
    He went hunting
  54. What was the Yeoman's job/duty?
    Carried all the Knight's weapons (his servant)
  55. How did the Haberdasher, Dyer, Weaver, Carpenter and Arras Maker's wives benefit from their husbands going on the trip?
    They were looked upon as prominent citizens
  56. Who was the illiterate man who could outsmart learned men when it came to buying at the market?
    The Manciple
  57. Who scared kids with his zit covered face and would allow sinners to get away with their sins if they pain him enough?
    The Summoner
  58. Who rode side by side with the pardoner?
    The Summoner
  59. The Battles the Knight fought in were all a part of what?
    The Crusades
  60. Who does Chaucer refer to when he writes, "There is nowhere a better priest, I trow"?
    The Parson
  61. About whom does Chaucer write, "A voice he had that bleated like a goat"?
    The Pardoner
  62. Who was more concerned with the pursuit of pleasure and find food and wine than anything else?
    The Franklin
  63. What makes the Physician a good doctor?
    He knew the cause to every sickness and gave every sick man a remedy. He was also well versed on his medieval medicence
  64. What does Chaucer say about the relationship between the doctors and druggists?
    They had a good relationship because of all the money they both collected
  65. In what ways does Chaucer use color to help characterize the Wife of Bath?
    He uses red to demonstrate her whore like qualities
  66. What biblical allusion does Chaucer use in the description of the Parson?
    The allusion of the Shepard to describe how holy and virtuous the Parson is
  67. Two words the Wife of Bath uses to describe marriage are ___________ and __________
    • Misery
    • Woe
  68. _________ is not a commandment in the bible, so she likes to be married.
  69. According to  the Wife of Bath, is she made of gold or wood?
  70. Two things  the Wife of Bath wants a husband to be.
    • Her debtor
    • Her slave
  71. Who chastises  the Wife of Bath about her search for a husband?
    The Pardoner
  72. What did the 3 "good" husbands have in common?
    Rich and Old
  73. If a woman is worth her salt, what can she always do?
    Prove her husband is at fault
  74. What 3 things can drive a man away from a home?
    Smoke, scolding women, and buildings falling into a wreck
  75. Who does  the Wife of Bath tell husband #4 she wouldn't marry even is he died tomorrow?
    Apprentice Johnny
  76. the Wife of Bath said her old ragged clothes make her feel like a singed _____.
  77. the Wife of Bath wrecked her husband's peace even though they were __________
  78. the Wife of Bath says that the reason she went out every night was to keep her husband's _________ _____ in sight.
    Wenching well
  79. the Wife of Bath basically killed her 4th husband by frying him in his own grease of...
    Jealousy and Rage
  80. Why did  the Wife of Bath love her 5th husband the most of all?
    He was disdainful in his love
  81. What did the Wife of Bath wear when she went out flirting?
    Her scarlett dress
  82. Why couldn't the Wife of Bath's scarlet dress be eaten by moths?
    Cause she wore it everyday
  83. What was the Wife of Bath's husband number 5's name?
  84. the Wife of Bath's gap between her teeth meant that she had ____________ natures
  85. What did Arrius want from Latumius?
    A cutting from the tree
  86. What did the Wife of Bath do the three pages of Johnny's book?
    Tore them out
  87. What did Johnny do to the Wife of Bath after she tore his book?
    Hit her on the head
  88. What did the Wife of Bath get from Johnny that she wanted from all of her husbands?
    Government of house and land
  89. What 2 people on the pilgrimage attacked each other's profession's?
    Summoner and Friar
  90. Who was the peace maker at the end of the Wife of Bath Prologue?
    The Host
  91. Who is known as Madam Eglantine?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Prioress
  92. Who wears rosary beads and a golden broach with an A?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Prioress
  93. Who rode with the two nuns?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Priest
  94. Who's name is Hubert?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Friar
  95. Who is a good singer?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Friar
  96. Who was always ready to befriend young women or rich men who might need his services? He also didn't like dealing with the sick or poor.
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Friar
  97. Who had a thumb of gold?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Merchant
  98. Who works for the guildsman?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The cook
  99. Who has a gift for singing and preaching?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Pardoner
  100. Who speaks a few words in Latin in an attempt to sound educated?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Summoner
  101. In charge of getting provisions for a college or court
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Maniciple
  102. Who is the Parson's brother?
    (Character from the Canterbury Tales)
    The Plowman
  103. How many pilgrimage's has the wife of Bath previously been on?
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