CASL Lesson 8

  1. Migratory stream
    The migration of people from one region to another, such as the movement of older people to the Sun Belt.
  2. Single room occupancy hotels (SRO)
    Apartment dwellings or old hotels, often in dilapidated inner-city neighborhoods.
  3. Supportive housing
    A variety of group housing-options that include assistance with activities of daily living; designed to help residents stay in one place and avoid or delay the need for institutional care.
  4. Board and care homes
    A facility that provides meals and assistance in basic activities of daily living; ranges from small, unlicensed rooms in a residential setting to hotel-like arrangements housing 200 or more residents.
  5. Keys amendment
    First attempt to regulate board and care homes; required states to establish and enforce standards for homes serving residents whi receive SSI.
  6. Assisted living facility (ALF)
    A type of housing that includeds assistrance with daily activities and 24-hour oversight; caters to a more affluent clientele than do board and care homes; usually provides private rooms and baths or small apartments, social and recreational facilities, and individualized care.
  7. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC)
    A planned retirement community that provides a continuum of housing arrangements and services ranging from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing care.
  8. Independent living community
    A new type of continuing care retirement community that is geared toward a younger, healthier clientele.
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