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  1. Somatropin (Nutropin) - safety
    • Growth hormone
    • - ↑ metabolic rate, O consumption, RR, HR, growth, maturation

    • Safety: thyroid function, BG test, GTT, GH antibodies
    • Long bones closure
    • medication clearance
  2. Graves' disease

    S/S: ↑ body temp, tachycardia, thin skin, palpitations, HTN, flushing, intol to heat, amenorrhea, weight loss, goiter
  3. Proplythiouracil
    Treats hyperthyroidism

    MOA: Thioamides prevent formation of thyroid hormone within the thyroid cells; ↓ serum level of thyroid hormone; partially inhibit T4-T3 hormone

    AE: Skin reactions, vertigo, drowsy, arthralgia, myalgia, *thyroid suppression effects

    D2D: oral anticoagulants, theophyline, metoptolol, propranolol, digitalis
  4. Iodine Solutions
    Treats hyperthyroidism

    MOA: thyroid cells becomes oversaturated w/ iodine ions & stop prod thyroid hormone

    USES: presurg suppress of thyroid; acute thyrotoxicosis; adjunct therapy for hyperthyroidism; thyroid blocking in radiation emergency

    AE: metallic & burning in mouth, sore teeth & gums, stained teeth, skin rash, hypothyroidism

    D2D: anticoagulants, theophylline, digoxin, metoprolol, propranolol
  5. Levothyroxine (Synthroid)
    treats hypothyroidism

    AE: skin reaction, hyperthyroidism symp., cardiac stim, CNS effects

    Caution: hypoadrenal conditions (Addison's), lactation

    D2D: cholestyramine, oral anticoagulants, theophylline, digitalis
  6. AC1 - Goal/Normal range
    ADA goal: ≤ 7%

    • AACE goal: ≤ 6.5%
    • normal: 3.8-6.5%

    • Noncritically ill: premeal 140; random 180
    • Critically ill: 140-180 mg/dL
  7. Insulin: rapid, short, intermediate, long-acting
    • Rapid: Lispro/asport/glulisine
    • Short: regular
    • Intermediate: NPH
    • Long-acting: glargine/detemir

    • Adjust dose based on:
    • -fingerstick
    • -carb intake
    • -fasting blood glucose
    • -anticipated activity

    • Advantage of rapid-acting:
    • ↓ risk of hypoglycemia

    equal A1C lowering in type 1

    Draw Regular before NPH (clear before cloudy)

    Pt Teaching:

    Absorption rates:
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