Exam 3 Part 3 Media/ 3-5 yrs

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  1. Media- any screen time
    • Media- 0-2 --Bandura
    • Modeling
    • Most powerful and influential in this age
    • Made up of
    • ---Power and authority
    • ---Likes/ affection/ warmth
    • ---Words match actions
  2. Media 0-2 --Piaget
    • kids this age should have no screen time
    • no educational benefits and time would be better spent interacting with kid
    • Mozart played to younger children and better language and math skills
  3. Media 2-6
    • 2hrs average
    • Educational benefit
    • What kid exposed to they model- better if model Barney
    • Commercial tv bad
  4. Vygotsky
    learn better if they see the summer they see, the toys they play with
  5. Bangladesh Purpose
    • girls can be same as boys
    • Hindu, Muslim, city, village, poor ,rich
    • world as much yours as mine
    • centered around a bannan tree
    • ---marketing, trading, where everyone is welcome; meeting place for every ethic, racial group
  6. Bangladesh How did it address the issues
    • Traditional puppet world (Icre’s world)
    • ---A lot of song bc song big for them
    • education the poor so they don’t become terrorists (no public schooling)
    • Highest rated show after 1st season
    • The gov own tv and the company that was producing it was from the other side
  7. Freud 3-5 yrs
    • Phallic Stage
    • Instead of being with their mom or dad, attach to same sex parent and find parent like opposite sex
    • Gender typing- culture imposed
  8. Bandura 3-5 yrs
    Model other women in the world
  9. Piaget
    Active learner and they can assimilate, accommodate for new theories
  10. Gender Schema Theory
    • Most commonly believed
    • Information processessing
    • Actively seek environments that are like them
    • Adopt identify at 4-5
  11. Cognitive
    • Gender Labeling (18-24 mo)
    • Gender stability (4 yrs)
    • ---Understand that boys will always be boys
    • Gender Constancy (6 yrs)
    • ---Confused by person dressed by opposite gender
    • ---Wearing girls clothes does not make you a girl
  12. John Money
    • Monozygotic twins
    • Burns off penis of one boy
    • Publishes as a success
    • ---Not perfect bc at age 2 already understand gender labeling and that’s when he was changed
    • We used to think environment was best medical practice
    • Now raise gender neutral and kid makes change
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