Exam 3 Part 2 Vocab, Grammar, Pragmatics

  1. Problems with Vocab
    • Over extension
    • Under extension
  2. Over extension
    • Take a word that pertains to one thing and group with many things
    • ---Everything with wheels is a car (a train, bike, truck)
  3. Under extension
    • Taking a more general term and thinking it is only for something specific
    • ---The puppy stuff animal name is puppy, a small dog is not a puppy
  4. Fast mapping
    • linking word to something else they know; assume the meaning and say it out loud
    • ---Thought a field trip was a trip to a field
  5. Social cues
    skinner/ Vygotsky- more likely to learn words if learn it when doing it
  6. Invented words
    Chomsky- kids around 3 or 4 they will make up a words using other words they know; try to create language (baker= cookie man)
  7. 1st sentences described as…
    telegraphic speech
  8. Grammar Problem
    Over regularization
  9. Over regularization
    • tries to extend grammar rule to everything shows good development
    • ---Chomsky- grammar burst
    • ---My teacher teached me
  10. Pragmatics
    • Change to your audience
    • By age 6 you can have a conversation with them -->Except it on phone
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Exam 3 Part 2 Vocab, Grammar, Pragmatics
Exam 3 Part 2 Vocab, Grammar, Pragmatics