CASL Lesson 7

  1. Social support system
    The network of relatives , friends, and organizations that provide both emotional support, such as making the individual feel loved or comforted, and instrumental support, which refers to help in managing activities of daily living.
  2. Support bank
    The exchanges made between members of the social support network over the life course.
  3. Convoy model of social relations
    A theoritical model stating that each person moves through life surrounded by a group of people to whom he or she is related through the exchange of social support; dynamic and life long in nature.
  4. Nuclear family
    The family unit consisting of husband, wife and children.
  5. Extended family
    The network of familial relationships, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews outside the nuclear family.
  6. Verticalization of the family structure
    The increase in family linkages between preceding and subsequent generations because of increased life expectancy coupled with reduced fertility.
  7. Bean pole family structure
    The phenomenon of four or five generations of a family surviving at one time.
  8. Remote grandparenting
    Grandparents who see their grandchildren infrequently and have a relationship that is mainly ritualistic and symbolic.
  9. Compationate grandparenting
    Grandparents who focus on emotionally satisfying, leisure-time activities and report and easygoing, friendly style of interaction with their grandchildren.
  10. Involved grandparenting
    Grandparents who take an active role in rearing their grandchildren; frequently they behave more like parents than grandparents; see children daily, often because theya re living with them.
  11. Grandparent career
    The life course pattern to grandparent-grandchild relationships.
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