Mouth and Throat

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  1. Where in the mouth does cancer most often dvlp?
    • sides and undersurface of the tongue
    • floor of the mouth
  2. Most common cancer of the mouth?
    • 1- Cancer of the lip
    • 2- Cancer of the tongue
  3. What's a general term for an enlarged thyroid gland?
  4. What happens when a goiter is tested for swallow?
    lower border of goiter rises and looks less symmetrical.
  5. Lymph nodes?
    Image Upload 1
  6. What are the signs of thyroid dysfunction? ( Hyperthyroidism/ Hypothyroidism)
    • Hyper:
    • - tachycardia /atrial fibrillation
    • - inc systolic P, dec diatolic P,
    • - moist, warm, smooth skin
    • - Tremor and proximal muscle weakness
    • - w/ Grave's disease: stare, lid lag, exophthalmos

    • - Hypo
    • Bradycardia
    • hypothermia
    • dec systolic and inc diastolic
    • intensity of HS dec
    • dry, coarse, cool skin w/ edema and loss of hair. - can also be yellowish from carotene
    • impaired memory, mixed hearing loss, somnolence, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome
    • periorbital puffiness
  7. What are the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction? ( Hyper/Hypo)
    • Hyper
    • nervousness
    • wt loss, inc in appetite
    • excessive sweating and heat intolerance
    • palpitations
    • frequent bowel mvts
    • muscular weakness of the proximal type and tremor

    • Hypo:
    • fatigue, lethargy
    • modest wt gain w/ anorexia
    • dry, coars skin and cold intolerance
    • swelling of the face, legs and hands
    • constipation
    • weakness, muscle cramps, anthralgias, paresthesias, impaired memory or hearing.
  8. SS and T for angular cheilosis?
    • painful macerated fissured eroded encrusted
    • ofetn leads to 2ndary infection with Candida
    • often colonized by yeast
    • Treat with antifungal
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