N. Central Spain

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  1. When was Rioja given Spain's first DOCa designation?
  2. What are the three sub-regions of Rioja?
    • Rioja Alta
    • Rioja Baja
    • Rioja Alavesa
  3. What river is Rioja laid out along? What river is Rioja named after?
    • Rio Ebro
    • Rio Oja, a small tributary
  4. Historically, what type of wine has Navarro been known for?
    Rosado wine
  5. What are the 5 subregions of Navarro?
    • Baja Montana
    • Tierra Estella
    • Valdizarbe
    • Ribera Alta
    • Ribera Baja
  6. What are the three DO Pagos of Navarro?
    • Senorio Arinzano - Tierra Estella
    • Prado Irache - Tierra Estella
    • Bodegas Otazu - Valdizarbe
  7. What are the 4 DO's of Aragon?
    • Calatayud
    • Carinena
    • Campo de Borja
    • Somontano
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