172 Topics is Pharm Sci

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  1. What does "Immunis" mean?
    means exempt referring to protection against foreign agents
  2. The integrated body system of organs, tissues, cells and cell products that differentiates self from non-self and neutralizes potentially pathogenic organisms
    The immune system
  3. Secondary immune response:
    acquired immunity response
  4. Primary immune response:
    innate Immunity
  5. 3 ways to treat disease
    inducing, enhancing or suppressing the immune system
  6. Active Immunotherapy:
    it stimulates the body's own immune system to fight the disease
  7. Passive Immunotherapy:
    It does not rely on the body to attack the disease, instead they use the immune system components (such as antibodies) created outside the body
  8. What did Von Behrin and Kitasato discover in 1890
    the serum of vaccinated persons contained certain substances. termed antibodies
  9. What theory did Ehrlich propose in 1900
    the side chain theory
  10. What theory did Frank Macfarlane Burnet and Jerne postulate in 1995?
    natural selection theory
  11. What did Porter isolate in 1955?
    a fragment of antigen binding (FAB) and fragment crystalline (Fc) from rabbit y-globulin
  12. What did littlefield develop in 1964?
    a way to isolate hybrid cells from 2 parent cell lines using hypoxanthine - aminopterin - thymidine (HAT) selection media
  13. What did Kohler and Milstein do in 1975?
    provided the most outstanding proof of the clonal selection theory by fusion of normal and malignant cells
  14. What are the 2 types of antibodies?
    polyclonal and monoclonal
  15. Polyclonal antibodies:
    • derived from different B lymphocyte cell lines
    • batch to batch variation affectding Ab reactivity and titre
    • NOT powerful tools for clinical diagnostic tests
  16. Monoclonal antibodies:
    • Derived from a single B cell clone
    • mAb offer reproducible, predictable and potentially inexhaustible supply f Ab with exquisite specificity
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