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  1. Each normal heartbeat is initiated by which of the following?
    SA node in the wall of the R. Atrium
  2. During on cardiac Cycle, which of the following occurs?
    Atria contract first, followed by the ventricles
  3. Which of the following detects changes in blood pressure?
    Pressoreceptors in the carotid and aortic sinuses
  4. Epinepherine increases blood pressure because it does what?
    increases HR and force of cardiac contraction
  5. When blood pressure decreases, the kidneys help raise it by secreting which of the following?
  6. Which of the following prevents the backflow of blood in the veins?
  7. A patient has a bilateral mastectomy, so the nurse obtains BP readings from a patients legs. The pt's baseline in arms was 112/78. What does the nurse expect it to be when taking BP in legs?
    • 10 mmHg higher in the leg
    • 122/84
  8. The nurse obtains a lower blood pressure in the pt's l. arm than the right. Which of the following arms should the nurse use, for ongoing BP measurement?
    Right Arm
  9. The nurse checking pts bp for orthostatics, patient asks why is there such a difference between bp laying and sitting. Nurses best response?
    BP usually compensates for a change in position by going down by about 15 mmHg so this is normal.
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