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  1. 간 (부모와 자식 간)
    relationship (parents and children relationship)
  2. 군대 (여러 군대)
    a place, spot, part, portion
  3. 그루 (한 그루)
    a crop (one crop)
  4. 내 (범위 내)
    within (within the scope)
  5. 년대 (칠십 년대)
    decade (70s decade)
  6. 놈 (나쁜 놈)
    a fellow, chap, guy (bad guy)
  7. 달러
    dollar, buck
  8. 도 (영하 십도)
    degree (10 below)
  9. 등 (정치, 사회등)
    class, a grade, a degree (political, social class)
  10. 무렵 (이 무렵부터) (20세기가 끝날 무렵에)
    about, around, towards (from about this time) (towards the end of the 20th cent.)
  11. 바퀴 (세 바퀴)
    wheel, circuit, rounds, revolutions, rotations
  12. 벌 (옷 한 벌)
    suit (one suit of clothes)
  13. 식 (농담 식)
    style (joking style)
  14. 위 (세계 일위)
    ranking, place (ranked first in the world)
  15. 이 (말하는 이)
    person (person who speaks)
  16. 점 (백 점)
    points (100 pts)
  17. 주년 (결혼 십 주년)
    anniversary, whole year (10th wedding anniversary)
  18. seconds
  19. 측 (한국측)
    side (the Korean side)
  20. 톤 (무게 단위 톤)
    ton (weigjt unit ton)
  21. 회 (제일회)
    time (first time)
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