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  1. 가계부
    household acct book
  2. 가구점
    furniture store
  3. 가까이 (가까운 곳)
    near, close at hand (w/time also)
  4. 가난
    poverty, want, destitution
  5. 가능
  6. 가능성
    likelihood, chances, potentialities
  7. 가루비누
    powder soap
  8. 가뭄
    drought, dry season
  9. 가사 (가사를 돌보다)
    household affairs
  10. 가상 (가상 세계)
    virtual, imaginary
  11. 가스
  12. 가습가
    a humidifier
  13. 가입
    entry, admission
  14. 가전제품
    electric home appliances
  15. 가정 (가정을 이루다)
    family, home (settle down)
  16. 가족적
  17. 가축
    good keeping, good storing, taking goog care
  18. 가치 (가치를 기르다)
    value (grow in value)
  19. 각각
    each, every, respectively
  20. 각자
    each one
  21. 각종
    all sorts, various kinds, each kind, varieties
  22. 간 (음식에 간을 하다)
    a salty taste
  23. 간격 (간격을 넓히다)
    space, spacing, interval (widen a space)
  24. 간접적
    indirect, mediate, backhanded
  25. 간판 (간판을 걸다)
    sign, poster (hang a sign)
  26. 간호
    nursing, care of the sick
  27. 갈등
    troubles, discord, a complication
  28. 감각
    a sense, a feeling, sensation
  29. 감독
    director, vontrol, mgmt, supervisor
  30. 감동적
    touching, hits the heart
  31. 감상 (영화 감상)
  32. 감소 (인구 감소)
    a decrease (population decrease)
  33. 감정 (감정이 풍부하다)
    emotion (emotion in abundance)
  34. 감탄
    admiration, wonder, marvel
  35. 강물
    river water
  36. 강변
    riverside; a pointless argument, quibbles
  37. 강사
  38. 강수량
    (amount of) precipitation
  39. 강연
    a lecture, a talk
  40. 강우량
    (amount of) rainfall
  41. 강의
    a lecture, discourse
  42. 강의실
    lecture room
  43. 강조
    emphasis, to stress
  44. 개강
    the opening of a course of study, begin lecture, give 1st lecture
  45. 개구리
    a frog
  46. 개구쟁이
    a naughty boy, a brat, a bully
  47. 개막식
    the opening ceremony
  48. 개발
    a dogs paw
  49. 개방 (개방 단면)
    open, leaving open (open section)
  50. 개방적
  51. 개선
  52. 개성
    personality, character
  53. 개성적
  54. 개인적
    private, personal, self-centered, individual
  55. 개최
    an opening, an exhibition, a meeting
  56. 객관적
  57. 객실
    a drawing room, a parlor
  58. 거래 (주식 거래)
    transactions, trades (stock trades)
  59. 거미
  60. 거스름돈
    change (in a money transaction)
  61. 거절 (거절을 당하다)
    rejection, refusal (meet with rejection)
  62. 거짓
    a lie, a fiction, a fraud
  63. 거품
    a bubble, foam, froth
  64. 걱정거리
    cares, worries, troubles
  65. 건강식품
    health/y food
  66. 건너 (강 건너)
    opposite side (opposite side of river)
  67. 건더기
    ingredients, solid matter in a liquid mixture
  68. 건망증
    forgetfullness, amnesia
  69. 건설
    construction, building
  70. 건전지
    a dry cell, a dry battery
  71. 건조
    dryness, drying (of wood)
  72. 건축
    construction, building
  73. 건축가
    an architect, a builder
  74. 걸레
    a duster, a mop
  75. 걸레질
    mopping, wiping w/ a duster
  76. 걸음
    walking, a step, pace
  77. 검사
  78. 검색
    reference, retrieval, look up, search for
  79. 검색어
    search word
  80. 겁 (겁이 나다)
    fear, panic, nervousness
  81. the surface, the face
  82. 겉모습
    outward appearance, exterior
  83. a crab)
  84. 게시판
    a notice board
  85. 게임기
    game machine
  86. 격려
    urging, encouragement
  87. 결과적
    consequential, effective
  88. 결국
    an end, conclusion, termination
  89. 결론
    a conclusion, concluding remark
  90. 결말
    an end, an outcome, settlement
  91. 결석
  92. 결승전
    final round (of a match), the finals, playoffd
  93. 결심 (결심을 하다)
    close a hearing, decide a case
  94. 결혼기념일
    wedding anniversary day
  95. 결혼식장
    wedding hall
  96. 겸손
    modesty, humility
  97. 경고 (경고를 받다)
    warning, caution
  98. 경력
    ones past, ones background
  99. 경비
    a guard
  100. 경비원
    a guard
  101. 경영 (회사 경영)
    management, administration
  102. 경영자
    manager, proprietor
  103. 경영학
    business administration
  104. 경우 (만일의 경우)
    a case, an illustration (in the case of)
  105. 경쟁
    a contest, a competition
  106. 경쟁력
    competitive power/edge
  107. 경제 (경제 활동)
    economic (economic activity)
  108. 경제력
    economic power
  109. 경제적
  110. 경제학
    economics (as a study)
  111. 계산
    calculation, accounts
  112. 계산대
    a counter (you stand at)
  113. 계산서
    a statement of accts, a bill
  114. 계속
    continuation, continuity
  115. 계약
    a contract, a compact
  116. 계약금
    deposit, bargain money
  117. 계약서
    a contract document
  118. 계좌
    an account
  119. 계충
    a tier, a strata, a class, a social class
  120. 계획성
    plan, planning quality
  121. 계획적
    planned, studied, systematic, intentional
  122. 건강식
    health food
  123. 거북이
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