Korean Topik 3 Part 3 동사 ㄷㄸ.txt

  1. 다가오다
    approach, come forward
  2. 다듬다
    trim, adorn, make beautiful
  3. 다루다
    treat, deal with, manage
  4. 다리다
    iron (a shirt)
  5. 다투다
    have a dispute, argue
  6. 단정하다
    conclude, decide, judge
  7. 달다
    ask for
  8. 달아지다
    undergo a change, be altered
  9. 달아나다
    run away, flee, escape
  10. 닳다
    wear out, be rubbed off
  11. 담기다
    be filled, be bottled, be served
  12. 담다
    put in, serve
  13. 당기다
    draw, pull, tug
  14. 당하다
    be reasonable, sensible
  15. 닿다
    arrive at, get to, reach
  16. 대다
    put on (put over ~ like your ears)
  17. 대하다
    make a companion of, keep company with
  18. 더러워지다
    become dirty, soiled
  19. 더하다
    become more
  20. 던지다
  21. 덜다
  22. 덮이다 (돞다의 피동 ~passive)
    be put on, be covered with
  23. 데다
    be burnt, have a burn, scalded
  24. 데려오다
    bring a person along with
  25. 데치다
  26. 도망가다
    escape away from
  27. 돌다
    turn around, go around, rotate
  28. 돌려받다
    receive something returned
  29. 돌려주다
    return, give back
  30. 돌리다 (돌다의 사동 ~causative)
    spin something
  31. 돌보다
    take care of, look after
  32. 돌아다니다
    walk around, go on patrol
  33. 돌아보다
    look back at, turn to look back
  34. 돌아서다
    turn one's back, turn on one's heels
  35. 되돌리다
    be sent back
  36. 되돌아보다
    look over one's shoulder
  37. 두려워하다
    fear, dread, be afraid
  38. 둘러보다
    look around, survey
  39. 뒤떨어지다
    be (a long way) behind, leave (behind)
  40. 뒤집다
    turn inside out, reverse
  41. 드러나다
    be known to, become known
  42. 들려주다
    tell, inform a person
  43. 들르다
    stop at (a house), drop in
  44. 들리다 (듣다의 피동~passive)
    be taken ill
  45. 들어서다
    enter, penetrate, step in
  46. 들어주다
    comply with a request
  47. 들여다보다
    peep into, snoop into
  48. 들이다
    usher (a person) in, admit
  49. 따다
    pick, pluck (fruit)
  50. 따라다니다
    follow a person, shadow, pursue (a woman)
  51. 따르다
    follow, go after, on the heels of
  52. 따지다
    distinguish between, discriminate
  53. 때리다
    beat, strike, punch a person
  54. 떠오르다
    rise to the surface, float (in water)
  55. 되살아나다
    revive (something)
  56. 들어보다
    try to listen to
  57. 떠나오다
    leave and then return
  58. 떨다
    tremble, shake
  59. 떨리다 (떨다의 피동 ~passive)
    tremble, quake
  60. 떨어뜨리다
    let fall, throw down
  61. 떼다
    take off, remove
  62. 뚫다
    bore, punch (a hole)
  63. 뛰어가다
    rush (off), dash, run
  64. 뛰어내리다
    jump down (off)
  65. 뛰어넘다
    vault over, jump over
  66. 뛰어다니다
    jump about, skip about
  67. 뛰어오다
    come running
  68. 뛰쳐나가다
    run out of somewhere
  69. 뜨거워지다
    become hot
  70. 뜨다
    float, buoy
  71. 뜯다
    pluck (a chicken)
  72. 뛰다
    on sight, come across
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