New English words in pictures

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  1. fire hydrant
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  2. intersection
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  3. padlock
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  4. Qualm
    They'd have no qualms about accessing a neighbour's network if it wasn't password - protected.
  5. drain
    You see water in the sink draining slowly. Then you have to fix the drain. Something thick and rigid is inside the pipes. Pipes can be delicate. You have to fix leaks carefully.

    to drain : Image Upload 4

    rigid: katı, dik, sert, bükülmez, kalıplaşmış

    delicate: Image Upload 5
  6. Heavy rain can make leaks in the roof. Sometimes trees drip water onto the roof.
    leaks : Image Upload 6

    drip: Image Upload 7
  7. It is vital to stay away from places where there is water and electricity.
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  8. It is located along the waterfront. 

    There is a cobblestone walkway where people can relax, walk and shop.

    People can buy many things: fresh fish, appropriate, seasonal hats, attractive jewelry and appealing watercolor prints.
  9. Since there are many customers daily, the salespeople amuse passersby to attract business.
    • amuse : Image Upload 9
    • attract :Image Upload 10
  10. The woman on the left with short red hair is taking a picture.
    Perhaps the couple on the right, the woman with the pink shirt and the man with the blue shirt, are discussing the Starbucks cafe.
    some people favor the large company model taken by Starbucks, and other people prefer the small business model used by many local cafes.
  11. Which statement is an inference, not a fact?
    The success of Starbucks can be a controversial topic in Seattle.

    • inference
    • Image Upload 11


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  12. He drives to work at 11 am because he works a swing shift.
    a scheduled period of work that begins in the afternoon and ends at night
  13. Solar panels
    flat, rectangular objects that convert heat from the sun into electricity.
  14. bloated, stuffed
    • Food critic said that:
    • ... at the end of your meal you don't feel bloated or stuffed.
  15. string bean
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  16. sic
    Sic is defined as thus or so, and is used in writing within brackets [sic] to show that a word or statement was copied exactly as originally said or written.
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