Patient Assessment Male 2

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  1. What do testicular cancer lumps usually feel like?
    Size of a pea and not painful
  2. What is testicular torsion?
    Twisting of testicle in scrotum causing winding of the spermatic cord
  3. Testicular torsion often happens in conjunction with what?
    Strenuous physical activity
  4. What are symptoms of testicular torsion?
    Swelling and testicular retraction
  5. Is testicular torsion self-resolving?
    No, need immediate surgical attention
  6. Can testicular torsion occur at rest?
  7. Why is testicular torsion a medical emergency?
    Limits circulation and can cause testicular necrosis
  8. An acute and sudden pain in the testes should be seen immediately be seen by a doctor (True/False).
  9. What is the most common cause of scrotal swelling?
  10. What group is hydrocele most common in?
  11. Is Hydrocele painful?
    Not usually
  12. Does Hydrocele usually resolve on its own?
  13. What is usually the cause of hydrocele in newborns?
    Tube fails to close after testes descend down it into the scrotum, allowing fluid to build up in the scrotum
  14. How can hydrocele be identified?
    By transillumination to ensure that the fluid is clear
  15. Why does Hydrocele occur in older men?
    Inflammation or injury of testis or epididymis, injury or blockage of spermatic cord
  16. In what age group is it more likely that Hydrocele will require surgery?
    Older men
  17. Does surgery for Hydrocele usually have poor or good outcomes?
  18. Define Varicocele:
    Retrograde blood flow back into the internal spermatic vein, causing dilated spermatic veins
  19. What proportion of men will suffer from Varicocele?
    1 in 6
  20. Is Varicocele usually painful?
  21. Is Varicocele palpable?
    Eventually becomes palpable
  22. What can Varicocele lead to?
    Atrophy or infertility
  23. Is treatment necessary for Varicocele?
    Not usually, surgical repair is sometimes needed
  24. What is the recurrence rate of Varicocele?
  25. What type of Testicular problem is indicated by a unilateral bump?
  26. What type of Testicular problem is indicated by swelling and upward retraction of the testis?
  27. What type of Testicular problem is indicated by palpable vessel in the scrotum?
    • What type of Testicular problem is indicated by a unilateral bump?
    • Variocele
  28. What is indicated by a scrotal feeling of fullness?
  29. What type of Testicular problem is indicated by extreme pain?
  30. What type of Testicular problem is often painless?
    Hydrocele or Variocele
  31. What type of Testicular problem is a medical emergency?
  32. What type of Testicular problem is transillumination used to diagnose?
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