Psych 111 Chapter Fifteen

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  1. What is the term for medicine that alters the biochemistry of the brain?
    psychotropic medication
  2. What is the term for shock therapy that is beneficial to those with severe depressions which are not responsive to medication/therapy?
    electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  3. What is the term for the procedure that uses a powerful pulsing magnet that alters neuronal activity in the brain?
    transcranial magnetic stimulation
  4. What is the term for the procedure that involves exposure to bright lights, which is often used to treat seasonal affective disorder?
  5. What is the term for saying whatever comes to mind?
    free association
  6. What is the term for developing a relationship with therapist based on other people in one's life?
  7. What is the term for the therapy that looks at unconscious conflicts, defense mechanisms and symptom resolution in a broader manner than Freud?
    psychodynamic therapies
  8. What is the term for the belief that people need to be supported and set the pace of their own therapy?
    humanistic or client-centered therapies
  9. What is the term for the step by step process of eliminating a fear that uses counterconditioning?
    systematic desensitization
  10. What is the term for pairing relaxation techniques with feared situation?
  11. What is the term for substituting punishment for the reinforcement of a bad habit?
    aversion therapy
  12. What is the term for immersion into the feared situation/circumstance as an intervention to decrease the phobic/feared response? It is a form of exposure.
  13. What is the type of therapy that helps identify beliefs and expectations which maintain problems and conflicts?
    cognitive therapies
  14. What is the term for replacing negative thinking with more realistic and positive beliefs?
    cognitive restructuring
  15. What is the term for the therapies that include a variety of behavioral elements including modeling and rehearsal coupled with cognitive restructuring?
    cognitive behavioral therapies
  16. What type of therapy focuses on the dynamics in the family as a system with different rules, roles, and motivations?
    family/couples therapy
  17. What type of therapy involves people with similar or different problems coming together to provide support and strategies?
    group therapy
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