Vascular lesions

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  1. Red blanching lesions?
    • Erythema
    • Erythroderma
    • Telangiectasia
    • Spider angioma
  2. Erythema
    • localized redness of skin, may be hot, may have fluid in dermis
    • Ex: localized poison ivy
  3. Erythroderma
    • Erythema that comes w/ scalling
    • Generalized
    • Seen in common childhood symptoms
  4. Telangiectasia
    • Permanently dilated superficial small vessels
    • Can be anywhere in body
    • See on legs, face
    • Ex: Sclerodema, rosecia
  5. Spider Angioma
    Central red arterioles, surrounded by pattern of thins wall capillaries ressembling legs.
  6. Red, non-blanching
    • Purpura
    • Petechaie
    • Ecchymosis
    • Palpable purpura
  7. Purpura
    extraversation of blood vessels - from bright red to dusky purple ( blood outside of vessels)
  8. Petechaie
    • small, appears as rash, or cluster
    • May be due to bruises
    • May be sing of serious disease
    • Ex: Endocarditis
  9. Ecchymosis
    • flat area of color change, may go from blue/black to brown, yellow, green
    • May be a result of trauma, infection, coagulation defects
  10. Palpable purpura
    • pupuric papule or plaque
    • raised discoloration
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