Anatomy & Physiology Definitions

  1. Vocab: Articulate
    to join together as a joint
  2. Condyle
    rounded protuberance at end of a bone forming an articulation
  3. Facet
    a small smooth area on a bone or other hard surface
  4. foramen
    a passage or opening; an orifice, a communication between two cavities of an organ or a hole in a bone for passage of vessels
  5. fossa
    a furror or shallow depression
  6. meatus
    a passage or opening
  7. process
    a projection or outgrowht of bone or tissue
  8. transverse
    lying at right angles to the long axis of the body; crosswise
  9. ramus
    a branch; one of the divisions of a forked structure
  10. mandibular
    the verticel portion of mandible
  11. spine
    sharp process of a bone
  12. suture
    line of union in an immovable articulation as those between the skull bones
  13. trochanter
    either of the two bony processes below the neck of the femur (greater, lesser)
  14. tubercle
    small rounded elevation or eminence on a bone
  15. tuberosity
    an elevated round process of a bone, a tubercle or nodule
  16. Antagonist
    that which counteracts the aciton of something else, as a muscle. opposite of synergist
  17. synergist
    a muscle or organ functioning in cooperation w anaother as the flexor muscles. opposite of antagonist
  18. bilateral
    affecting or relating to 2 sides
  19. unilateral
    affecting or occuring only on 1 side
  20. contralateral
    origination in or affecting the same side of the body
  21. ipsilateral
    on the same side; affecting the same side of the body
  22. origin
    the source of anything, a starting point. the more fixated attachement of a muscle
  23. insertion
    the moveable attachment of the distal end of the muscle, which produces shape changes or skeletal movement when muscle contracts
  24. Aponeurosis
    a flat fibrous sheet of connective tissue that serves to attach muscle TO BONE or other tissue. may sometimes serve as fascia
  25. bifurcation
    a seperation into two branches; the point of forking
  26. fascia
    a fibrous meembarane covering, supporting, and seperating muscles. it aloso unites the skin with underlying tissue
  27. reciprocal inhibition
    inhibition of muscles antagonistic to those being facilitated; this is essential for coordinating movement
  28. acute disease
    when signs and syptoms appear suddenly and persist for a short time
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