Lower Limb Comp Monday

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  1. Minimum SID—
    40 inches
  2. IR size—
    • (10 × 12 inches),
    • lengthwise
  3. Kvp Range
    Digital systems—60 to 70 kV range
  4. Patient Position
    Place patient in the supine position; place pillow under patient’s head; legs should be fully extended.
  5. Part Position
    • Do not force dorsiflexion of the foot; allow it to remain in its natural position
    • • Adjust the foot and ankle for a true AP projection.
    • Ensure that the entire lower leg is not rotated. The intermalleolar line should not be parallel to IR
  6. CR
    • CR perpendicular to IR, directed to a point midway between malleoli
  7. Recommended Collimation
    Collimate to lateral skin margins; include proximal one-half of metatarsals and distal tibia-fibula
  8. Anatomy Demonstrated:
    • Distal one-third of tibia-fibula, lateral and medial malleoli, and talus and proximal half of metatarsals should be demonstrated.
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