Rehab-ch 10

  1. CCU
    • cardiac care unit
    • critical care unit
  2. ER or ED
    • Emergency room
    • Emergency Department
  3. ICU
    Intensive Care Unit
  4. NICU
    Neonatal Intensive CAre Unit
  5. PACU
    postanesthesia Care Unit
  6. Fowlers
    seated up in bed
  7. Trendelenberg
    Lying in bed with head lower than lower extremities
  8. Types of specialty beds
    • standard adjustable bed
    • turning frame
    • air-fluidized support bed
    • post-trauma mobility bed
    • low air loss therapy bed
  9. positive pressure of ventilator does what?`
    moves air into the lungs
  10. purpose of ventilator?
    to maintain adequate air exchange
  11. explain Volume cycled ventilators
    • long term support
    • predetermined volume of air for forced inspiration
    • passive exhalation
  12. explain pressure cycled ventilators
    • short term use
    • established maximum pressure reached on inhalation
    • passive exhalation
  13. explain negative pressure ventilators
    • rarely used
    • iron lung
    • most commonly used amongst polio population
  14. Airway replacement
    • ETT
    • Nasal intibation is the worst
    • oral intibation the patient won't be getting out of bed
  15. Modes of Ventilation
    • assist mode
    • continuous positive airway pressure mode
    • control mode
    • assisted control mode
    • intermittent mandatory ventilation mode
    • synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation mode
    • PEEp mode
  16. Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation Mode
    • minimum number of respirations are set
    • patient can do the rest
  17. PEEP mode
    positive pressure keeps the lungs expanded and alveoli patent.
  18. Continuous positive airway pressure
    • uses PEEP at the end of expirations
    • used in weaning from the vent
  19. Control Mode
    controls inspiration at timed intervals based on the patients needs
  20. assisted control mode
    combination of control and continuous positive airway pressure modes
  21. Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation mode
    vent cycle is coordinated with the patients respirations
  22. assist mode
    patient works with the vent
  23. Monitors
    • vitals signs
    • oximeter
    • pulmonary artery cath
    • intracranial pressure
    • central venous pressure cath
    • arterial line
    • indwelling right arterial cath (Hickman)
  24. Indwelling Right Arterial Cath (Hickman)
    inserted through the cephalic or internal jugular vein and goes to the tip of the right atrium
  25. Feeding devices
    • nasogastric tube
    • gastric tube
    • intravenous feeding
    • intravenous line
  26. Internal urinary catheter
    • secured via a balloon containing air or sterile water
    • gravity aids in drainage
    • infection is a big concern
  27. types of catheters
    • foley
    • external catheter
    • suprapubic
  28. Modes of Oxygen delivery
    • nasal cannua
    • oronasal mask
    • nasal catheter
    • tent
    • tracheostomy mask
  29. flow rate of oxygen delivery is measured in what units?
    liters per minute
  30. anterior chest tube removes what?
    removal of air
  31. lateral chest tube removes what?
    removal of air
  32. inferior chest tube removes what?
    removal of fluids
  33. posterior chest tube removes what?
    removal of fluids
  34. mediastinal chest tube removes what?
    drains blood and fluid
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