English Vocab 6

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  1. adherent
    n. a follower of a person or idea
  2. incoherent
    adj. not able to be understood
  3. inherent
    adj. existing as a natural part
  4. diffuse
    v. to spread out or distribute
  5. effusive
    adj. overflowing with words or feelings
  6. profuse
    adj. plentiful
  7. resolute
    adj. determinted
  8. dissolute
    adj. lacking moral restraint
  9. insoluble
    adj. impossible to fix/unable to be dissolved
  10. diligent
    adj. hard-working
  11. recollect
    v. to remember
  12. sacrilege
    n. an act against a holy person or place
  13. sycophant
    n. a yes-man
  14. motif
    n. a recurring theme
  15. provincial
    adj. limited in knowledge of the world
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