Geo Lab Exam 2

  1. What does Q mean?
  2. What does A mean?
    cross sectional area
  3. What is the formula for Q?
    A + velocity=Q
  4. What are the 3 types of sedimentary rocks?
    • clastic
    • biogenic
    • chemical
  5. How are clastic rocks made?
    particles cemented together naturally by minerals
  6. How are biogenic rocks formed?
    with the help of organisms
  7. How are chemical rocks formed?
    minerals left after water seperation
  8. What are the modes of classification for sedimentary rocks?
    • size
    • sorting
    • shape
  9. What is mechanical weathering?
    weathering by natural causes like wind and water
  10. What is chemical weathering?
    where the chemical makeup is being changed by any other ions or chemicals
  11. What is the angle of repose?
    the maximum angle a hill can be sloped until mass wasting occurs
  12. What are some engineering feats that can stabilize a slope?
    • grading
    • poles into bedrock
    • add root plants or trees
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