Aspergillus spp.

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  1. Aspergillus is the MOST concerning opportunistic mold...

    True or False
  2. Name the 3 most common aspergillus spp.
    • A. fumigatus
    • A. flavus
    • A. niger
  3. Describe the clinical disease of aspergillus
    • Opportunisitic: 
    •     *localized or disseminated

    Allergic Reactions:

    Toxic Production: Aflatoxin & veterinary
  4. Aspergillus lab identification
    Rapid (usually matures in 3 days)

    • Macro:
    • First White ⇨ yellow, green, brown, or black

    • Micro:
    • Septate hyphae
    • **FOOT CELL** present means you have an aspergillus spp.
    • Uniseriate or biseriate
    • Radiate or columnar head
  5. Aspergillus

    • Amphotericin B * A. terreus
    • Itraconazole & voriconazole

    * A. fumigatus is resistant to Itraconazole
  6. Where is Aspergillosis found and what type of fungus is it
    Ubiquitious dimorphic fungus

    Worldwide in soil
  7. What Ig is elevated with Aspergillus
    IgE mediated

    Both IgE and IgG
  8. Symptoms of Aspergillus
    Healthy people can become infected

    Wheezing, Coughing up blood

    Nodules in lung
  9. What 2 carbohydrate antigens are used to detect the fungus - aspergillus
    Galactomannan & β-glucan
  10. What are other ident methods for aspergillus
    Sandwhich EIA

    Sensitive and specific
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