1. Are fevers bad for children?
  2. (True/False) Fevers are a protective mechanism that turns on the body's immune system?
  3. What is a normal fever temperature in children?
    100-104 degrees F (37.8-40 degrees C)
  4. Do all fevers need to be treated with fever medicine?
  5. When do fevers need to be treated?
    When they cause discomfort
  6. What temperature does a fever begin to cause discomfort?
    102-103 F (39-39.5 C)
  7. Is a fever always a set value?
  8. What is the accepted values for fever?
    Rectal = 100.4F(38C), Oral= 99.5F (37.5C), Axillary=99F(37.2C), Digital Pacifier=100F(37.8C), Ear in rectal mode=100.4F(38C), Ear in oral mode=99.5F(37.5C)
  9. What is core temperature?
    98.6F or 37C (rectal or tympanic)
  10. What does HAGLY stand for?
    Higher the temp, Associated symptoms, Greater uncertainty, Longer the temp, Younger the child
  11. What is the purpose of HAGLY?
    Guide when to refer a patient to a doctor for fever
  12. What can a fever during pregnancy indicate?
    Preeclampsia an Infection
  13. What is the equation for F to C?
    (5/9) (F-32)
  14. What is the equation for C to F?
    [(9/5)(C)] +32
  15. Are skin thremometers precise?
  16. Are Ear thermometers precise?
    Problems with technique make imprecise
  17. Are oral thermometers precise?
    Usually a degree below core temp
  18. What is the most precise thermometer/
    Rectal, topical infrared
  19. Are mercury thermometers recommended?
  20. Are digital and infrared thermometers different in accuracy?
  21. Most simple digital thermometers can be used by what routes?
    Oral, rectal and underarm
  22. What are the directions for oral temperature measurements?
    No exercise, ingestion of hot/cold items for 5 minutes before reading. Place under tongue slightly to one side for recommended time
  23. What type of thermometer is not appropriate for children under 3 years?
    Mercury in glass
  24. Why are Mercury in glass thermometers not appropriate for children under 3?
    They find it difficult to maintain a tight seal
  25. What are the routes of disposable thermometer use?
    Oral and axillary
  26. What is the preferred method to take a temperature in babies under 6 months?
  27. What are the directions for rectal thermometer use?
    Don't leave alone with thermometer in place, insert 1 inch and leave in place for required time, water-soluble lubricant can be used
  28. What is the normal adult rectal temperature?
  29. Is IR or rectal thermometer more accurate?
  30. What is the advantage of a non-contact thermometer?
    No touching the baby (allows sleep)
  31. What is the disadvantage of a non-contact thermometer?
    Not as accurate as IR or rectal
  32. What are the most common drugs used to treat a fever?
    Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Naproxen Sodium
  33. What are non-drug treatments for fever?
    Luke-warm bath, Fluids, light clothing, no blankets
  34. How much should feverish children increase their fluid intake?
    30mL per hour
  35. How much should feverish adults increase their fluid intake?
    50-100mL per hour
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