Section 9 - Windows System Management

  1. What are some features of Aero in Windows 7
    Show desktop button on right side of Taskbar hides all open windows; hovering over it makes content of all open windows disappear (called Peek); Snap maximizes window when you drag its border to edge of screen; snapping multiple windows on screen tiles them side-by-side; Shake lets you hide all but current window; click top window border and shake mouse to hide or unhide all other open windows.
  2. Name some features of Windows Aero
    Borders are semi-transparent so that you can view objects behind them; animations when windows are opened or closed; Taskbar thumbnails show contents of window when you mouse over item on Taskbar; Windows Flip shows thumbnails of running program when you use Alt + Tab; Windows Flip 3D (activated with Windows + Tab) shows expanded 3D view of running programs
  3. Windows Aero is available in which versions of Windows
    Vista and Windows 7, not Home Basic. Also need appropriate graphics card.
  4. Which version of Windows has gadgets but does not have Sidebar
    Windows 7
  5. Set of Windows features that improves visual appearance of Windows
  6. In Windows, what provides a way to display information for quick and easy access, made up of small programs called gadgets, and only available in Windows Vista?
  7. In Windows, contains various utilities that change the way the computer looks and behaves
    Control Panel
  8. System Tray is known as            in Windows                 
    Notification Area, Vista and 7
  9. My Computer is known as Computer in which version of Windows
    Windows Vista and 7
  10. Name some things you can do in Control Panel in Windows
    Configure settings for hardware devices, manage printers and networks, configure personal settings, and manage system
  11. Name things displayed in the System Tray area of Windows Taskbar
    Date and time and applications and processes running in the background (audio volume, security programs, and connectivity to the internet)
  12. GUI for viewing and managing the file system in Windows
    Windows Explorer
  13. Basically another name for Windows Explorer
    My Computer
  14. In Windows, the far right of the Taskbar
    System Tray
  15. Name a common toolbar to add to the Windows Taskbar
    Quick Launch
  16. In Windows, what is the bar at the bottom of the screen called
  17. Which version of Windows does not have the option for classic Start Menu
    Windows 7
  18. Which version of Windows allows you to pin programs to the task bar
    Windows 7
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Section 9 - Windows System Management
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