Geo Presentation Questions

  1. What event occurred on March 18, 1925?
    Tri-state tornado
  2. In what three states did the Tri-state tornado occur?
    • Missouri
    • Indiana
    • Illinois
  3. What is the main reason the Tri-state tornado was so deadly?
    lack of proper technology
  4. How long did the Yarnell Hill fire last?
    12 days
  5. What started the Yarnell Hill fire?
  6. How many people were killed in the Yarnell Hill fire?
  7. What state did the Yarnell Hill fire occur in?
  8. How many acres did the Yarnell Hill fire destroy?
  9. What were some of the new changes made in homes after the Joplin tornado?
    safe rooms in houses
  10. What was one of the reasons why there was such a high number of fatalities from the Joplin tornado?
    • magnitude
    • path through heavily populated area
    • desensitized attitude toward warnings
    • lack of safety rooms
    • mistake by national weather service
  11. What was the magnitude of the Joplin tornado?
  12. How many people died in the Joplin tornado?
  13. How much was the cost in damage from the Joplin tornado?
    $2.8 billion
  14. In what city did a series of tornadoes hit Oklahoma on May 31, 2013?
    El Reno
  15. What time did the El Reno tornado start and end?
    • 6:03 pm
    • 6:43 pm
  16. What was the intensity of the El Reno tornado?
    EF3 or EF5
  17. How many deaths occurred in the El Reno tornado?
  18. What was an effect of the El Reno tornado to the region?
    • power outage
    • flash floods
    • loss of property
  19. What day did Hurricane Floyd hit Cape Fear?
    September 16th
  20. What was the origin of Hurricane Floyd?
    tropical wave from africa
  21. What was a main result of Hurricane Floyd?
  22. What was the name of the tropical storm that hit roughly 2 weeks before Floyd?
  23. When Floyd hit North Carolina, what category was it?
    Category 2
  24. In the April 14, 2013 tornado outbreak, how many fatalities were reported?
  25. How many states did the Tornado Outbreak of April 14, 2013 effect? name two of them.
    • 5
    • Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas
  26. In the Tornado outbreak of april 14, 2013 was there and EF5 tornado reported?
  27. In the Tornado outbreak of April 14, 2013 how many tornadoes were reported?
  28. What were the main causes of the fatalities in Woodward?
    lightning struck main power source to warning sirens
  29. What indicated to scientists in the early 50's that Lituya Bay had a destructive history?
    trimline of trees
  30. How tall was the highest point of the wave that hit Lituya Bay?
    • 1,720 ft
    • largest recorded in history
  31. What fault line runs across the top of Lituya Bay, causing its risk for danger?
    Fairweather Fault
  32. What three types of natural disasters occurred on July 9, 1958 in Lituya Bay?
    • earthquake
    • landslide
    • tsunami
  33. What is the most important thing for Alaskan residents to do when interacting with Lituya Bay on a daily basis?
    • be aware of risk and history
    • have radio and life vessel
  34. How many days in advance was the Storm of the Century predicted?
    5 days
  35. What percentage of the United States population was directly affected by the Storm of the Century?
  36. What was the largest measured height of the initial storm surge in the storm of the century?
    12 feet
  37. What was the deadliest tornado strength in the Storm of the Century?
  38. Give another name for the Storm of the Century.
    • The No-Name Storm
    • Blizzard of the Century
    • Superstorm of 1993
  39. What deformation happened on Latouche Island?
    18 Meters Up
  40. What time did the earthquake occur on Latouche Island?
    5:36 pm
  41. How long did the earthquake occur on Latouche Island?
    4 minutes
  42. How many did the tsunami on Latouche Island kill?
  43. Between which two cities did the most damage occur on Latouche Island?
    • Prince William Sound
    • Kodiak Island
  44. What year did the Year Without Summer occur?
  45. What two main events caused the Year Without Summer?
    • eruption of Mt. Tambora
    • Dalton minimum
  46. Where is Mt. Tambora located?
  47. What type of volcano is Mt. Tambora?
  48. In what year did a similar event to the Year Without Summer occur?
  49. Where is the Skaptar Jokull volcano located?
  50. What year did Skaptar Jokull volcano erupt?
  51. Skaptar Jokull is part of which mountain range?
    Mid Atlantic Range
  52. What type of volcano is Skaptar Jokull?
  53. True or False: Most of the people killed by the Skaptar Jokull volcano were killed by the eruption itself.
    • false
    • they starved to death
  54. How many fatalities occurred during the Bastrop County Complex Fire?
  55. How many acres were burned in the Bastrop County Complex Wildsifre?
  56. What is the name of the Bastrop wildfire?
    Bastrop County Complex Fire
  57. How many acres of the Bastrop State Park were untouched?
    50-100 acres
  58. When did the bastrop fire begin?
    Labor Day weekend 2011
  59. What was the magnitude of the Loma Prieta earthquake?
  60. What year was the Loma Prieta earthquake?
  61. What fault line did the Loma Prieta earthquake occur?
    San Andreas
  62. What sporting event was interrupted by the Loma Prieta earthquake?
    World Series
  63. Ike was a category what at its highest peak?
  64. Ike is the costliest hurricane in which country's history?
  65. What category was Ike when it hit the US?
  66. What time did Ike make landfall in Galveston, Tx?
    2:10 am
  67. Ike is the what costliest hurricane in the US?
  68. Where did Tropical Storm Lee make landfall?
  69. True of false: Tornadoes were associated with Tropical Storm Lee.
  70. Of the 18 deaths associated with Tropical Storm Lee, most were the result of what?
  71. Tropical Storm Lee occurred in what year?
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