Joints of the upper limbs

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  1. Acromioclavicular joint: Type of joint
    Plane synovial joint
  2. Articular surfaces of acromioclavicular joint
    • Facet of acromion
    • Facet on acromial end of clavicle
  3. Ligaments of Acromioclavicular joint
    • Acromioclavicular ligament
    • Coracoclavicular ligament: Maintains the position of the clavicle on the acromion
  4. Movements of the acromioclavicular joint
    Gliding and rotation of scapula. Movement is combined with the movements of the sternoclavicular joint and shoulder joint.
  5. Sternoclavicular joint: type of joint
    Plane compound synovial joint
  6. Articular surfaces of the sternoclavicular joint
    • *Clavicular notch of the manubrium of the sternum
    • *Sternal end of the clavicle
    • *Articular disk: separated articular cavity into two parts. 
    • *Articular capsule: Attached to the margins of articular surfaces
  7. Ligaments of sternoclavicular joint
    • Anterior sternoclavicular ligament
    • Posterior sternoclavucular ligament
    • Interclavicular ligament
    • Costoclavicular ligament
  8. Movements of sternoclavicular joint
    Limited gliding movement
  9. Shoulder (glenohumeral) joint: Type of joint
    Ball- and- socket synovial joint
  10. Articular surfaces of shoulder joint
    • *Glenoid cavity (on scapula) + labrum glenoidale
    • *Head of humerus
    • *Articular capsule is attached to the edges of glenoid cavity and anatomical neck of humerus.
  11. Tendon of what muscle is contained within the articular capsule of the shoulder joint
    The long head of the biceps branchii muscle
  12. Ligaments that thicken the articular capsule of the shoulder joint
    Superior+middle+ inferion glenohumeral ligaments
  13. Accessory ligaments of the shoulder joint
    • Coracohumeral ligament
    • Coracoacromial ligament
  14. Movements of shoulder joint
    • Flexion + Extension
    • Abduction+ Adduction
    • Rotation (Pronation + Supination)
    • Circumduction
  15. Elbow joint: Type of joint
    • Compound synovial joint.
    • Consist of: 
    • *Humeroulnar joint
    • *Humeroradial joint
    • *Radioulnar proximal joint
  16. Humeroulnar joint: Type of joint
    Hinge joint
  17. Articular surfaces of humeroulnar joint
    • Trochlear notch on ulna
    • Trochlea of humerus
  18. Movement of humeroulnar joint
    Flexion + Extension
  19. Humeroradial joint: type of joint
    Spheroid joint (Ball + Socket)
  20. Articular surfacer of humeroradial joint
    • Fovea on head of radius
    • Capitulum of humerus
  21. Movements of humeroradial joint
    Flexion + Extension
  22. Radioulnar proximal join: Type of joint
    Pivot joint
  23. Articular surfaces of radioulnar proximal joint
    • Radial notch and anular ligament
    • Articular circumference on radial head
  24. Movement of radioulnar proximal joint
    Pronation+ Supination
  25. Distal radioulnar synovial joint: Type of joint
    Pivot joint
  26. Articular surfaces of distal radioulnar joint
    • Ulnar notch on radius
    • Articular circumference on ulna
    • Articular capsule is attached to the margins of articular surfaces
  27. Movements of distal radioulnar joint
    Supination and pronation
  28. Interosseus membrane
    Connects interosseus margins of radius and ulne
  29. Wrist joint- radiocarpal joint
    compound ellipsoid synovial joint
  30. Articular surfaces of radiocarpal joint (wrist joint)
    • Distal articular surface of radius and articular disc (concave surface)
    • Scapoid, lunate, triquetral bones (convex surface)
  31. Articular capsule of wrist joint is thickend by
    • Dorsal + palmar radiocarpal ligaments
    • Radial + ulnar collateral ligaments
  32. Movement of radiocarpal joint
    • Flexion + extension
    • abduction + adduction
  33. Midcarpal joint: Type of joint
    Compound plane synovial joint. Proximal and distal rows of carpal bones joint.
  34. Medial articular surfaces of midcarpal joint
    • Concavity: Scaphoid+ lunate + triquetral
    • Convexiy: Capitate + hamate
  35. Lateral articular surfaces of midcarpal joint
    • Concavity: trapezium + trapezoid
    • Convexity: Scaphoid
  36. Ligaments connecting the proximal and distal carpal bone rows
    • Interosseuos ligaments
    • doral+ palmar ligaments
  37. Movement of midcarpal joint
    combined with movement in wrist joint
  38. Carpometal joints of the II-V fingers: Type of joint
    plane synovial joints
  39. Carpometal joints of the thumb: Type of joint
    Saddle joint
  40. Movement of carpometacarpal joints of the II-V fingers
    Limited gliding movement
  41. Movement of carpometacarpal joint of the thumb
    • Flexion+Extension
    • Abduction+Adduction
    • Opposition
  42. Metacarpophalangeal joints: type of joint
    Condyloid (ellipsoid) synovial joints
  43. Articular surfaces of metacarpophalangeal joints
    • Bases of proximal phalanges
    • Heads of metacarpal bones
  44. Movements of metacarpophalangeal joints
    • flexion + extension
    • In extension: abduction and adduction
  45. Interphalangeal joint: type of joint
    hinge joints
  46. articular surfaces of Interphalangeal joints
    • head of proximal phalanx  
    • base of middle phalanx
    • head of middle phalanx
    • base of distal phalanx
  47. articular capsule of interphalangeal joint is strengthened by what ligaments
    collateral ligaments
  48. Movement of interphalangeal joint
    flexion and extension
  49. The carpal canal is formed by the...
    • carpal bones
    • medially: pisiform, hook of the hamate
    • laterally: the tubercles of the scaphoid and trapezium
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