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  1. What manual do I refer to to find information on how to pack items?
    NAVSUP PUB 503, Chapter 1

    • This includes information on:
    • -Selecting Container
    • -Assembling
    • -Cushioning
    • -Weather Proofing
    • -Strapping
    • -Marking
    • -Preparing Shipping Documentation
    • -Arranging Transportation
    • -Loading Shipment
    • -Processing Shipping Documentation
  2. What manual do I refer to to get information on when to use FedEx or USPS to ship an item?
    ToFM Chapter 9
  3. What is the unit of issue for the following:

    - Carton     -Box    

    -Pallet       -Skid    

    -Can         -Container      

    -Mixed Load
    • - CT     -BX
    • -PT      -SD    

    -CN     -CO      

  4. What manual do I refer to to get information on Unit of Issue Codes?
  5. SPPM 4C13
  6. Freight is marked IAW with which manual?
    Military Standard Marking for Shipment & Receiving
  7. What is Banding?
    Term for attaching materials to a pallet
  8. What is flat steel used for?
    Wood, Plywood, or Wood Cleated Containers for classified material
  9. Define Overpacking?
    Excessive application of preservation, packaging or packing of materials.
  10. Define Under-packing?
    Inadequate protection of material
  11. What is the publication that is authorized for use IAW marking of freight material to be shipped?
    MILSTD 129
  12. What should be used with a large pallet or skid?
    an Anchor
  13. Center of Balance notions are required on containers over how many feet?
  14. "Sling Here"  should be placed where on the container?
    Sling points
  15. Caution labels should be attached to which two areas?
    Container exterio & item's surface
  16. Who will submit a letter of temporary nonuse, disqualification, and suspension procedures for unsatisfactory service from a carrier?
    Transportation officer
  17. Define Shipping?
    The actions necessary to deliver material to the carrier for movement to a consigned, depending upon accurate recording of receipts, proper storage and correct marking material.
  18. Name the 3 types of shipping?
    • -Regular
    • -Direct Delivery from Vendor
    • -Direct
  19. What are the 5 things that impact the ways for unloading supplies and materials?
    1. Type and Weight of Supplies

    2. Material handling equipment available

    3. Type of unloading facility at the receiving unit

    4. Distance to the receiving area or storage location

    5. Type of carrier
  20. Define Dummy Invoice?
    Referring to a blank copy of the receipt document if nothing else is available.
  21. Transportation Protective Services (TPS) is required for what?
    Required for items that are sensitive, classified, or controlled cryptographic item.
  22. Describe the unloading operation:
    Carriers must be sent to an unloading site that provides a straight path between unloading by balancing the needs of labor and equipment, and minimizing the need for supervision by localizing the unloading operation
  23. Define a Type 1 Easy Load:
    Defined as an item that completely fills the outer shipping container and will not be easily damaged or shift within the package
  24. Define Type 2 Average Load:
    Items of moderate weight, provides partial support to all panels of the container and is prepackaged by wrapping or by positioning in partitions, cells or paperboard boxes.
  25. Define Type 3 Difficult Load:
    Items that require a high degree of protections to prevent puncture, or distortion of the shipping container.
  26. List the 4 types of Strapping Material:
    • 1. Metal
    • 2. Reinforced Tape
    • 3. Reinforced Paper
    • 4. Filament reinforced pressure tape.
  27. What is strapping used for?
    Used for reinforcement for blocking/bracing and as reinforcement of wooden containers.
  28. What is the max length and weight for USPS priority mail shipments?
    108", 70lbs
  29. What is the max length and weight for USPS package service shipments?
    130" combined length and girth
  30. What is the Transportation of Freight Manual
    COMDTINST M4610.5A
  31. ________ shipments must be overpacked to a minimum of ___________
      AA&E    shipments must be overpacked to a minimum of    200lbs   
  32. The max length for a shipment through UPS is ___________
    103" in combined length and girth
  33. A unit must be a _________ of the price of estimated shipping is over_________
    A unit must be a GBL of the price of estimated shipping is over $100
  34. Anchors in excess of _______ shall _______
    Anchors in excess of  25lbs shall not be boxed.
  35. What markings must a small boat anchor have stenciled on them?
    Stock Number, Weight, S/N
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