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  1. Define passive transport and active transport
    • passive - high conc. to low conc. (No ATP energy required)
    • active - low conc. to high conc. (ATP energy required)
  2. Define hypertonic, isotonic, and hypotonic
    • hypertonic - water moves out the cell
    • isotonic - water moves in and out
    • hypotonic - water moves into the cell
  3. The cell membrae..
    • acts as a barrier to the outside environment
    • regulates movement of molecules in and out the cell
    • recognizes chemical signals
  4. materials move towards the cells are..
    • digested food
    • water
    • oxygen
    • hormones
  5. materials moved away from cells are
    • wastes
    • carbon dioxide
  6. Platelets are..
    cell parts involved in clotting
  7. Define plasma
    red blood cells
    white blood cells
    • plasma - carries nutrients, inorganic ions & wastes
    • red blood cells - carries oxygen using iron containing hemoglobin
    • white blood cells - fights foreign invaders
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