Pharmacology Bronchodilators 3

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  1. Long acting B2 agonists are used as a monotherapy or combination therapy?
    Combination therapy with inhaled steroids
  2. What type of asthma are long acting B2 agonists used to treat?
    Moderate to severe persistent asthma
  3. Mast cells are only found in the Bronchials (True/False)?
    No, ubiquitous
  4. Chemotactic means what?
    Attract immune mediators
  5. Are Histamine and other mast cell released chemical mediators chemotactic?
  6. What is a cytokine?
    Inflammatory proteins
  7. How many phases of bronchospasm are there and what are they?
    2 early and late
  8. Late phase mediators effect blood vessel permeability and edema (True/False)?
  9. Is mucus prominent in the inflamed airway in late phase bronchospasm?
  10. Bronchoconstriction begins in what phase of bronchospasm?
  11. Traditional immune mediated inflammation begins at what phase of bronchospasm?
    Late phase
  12. What are the characteristics of Late phase bronchospasm?
    Inflammation and Constriction
  13. What are the characteristics of Early phase bronchospasm?
  14. What is airway remodeling?
    Chronic inflammation of the airways causes thickening and change in micro anatomy causing hypersensitivity to all things bronchoconstricting
  15. What aspect of an asthma attack usually causes death?
    Mucus plugs
  16. A short acting B2 agonist should be used daily (True/False).
    No, as needed
  17. What group of drugs are considered the standard for reversing bronchoconstriction?
    Short acting B2 agonists
  18. Albuterol and Pirbuterol are distributed systemically?
    No, not really, inhaled
  19. Adverse effects of Albuterol are common or uncommon and why?
    Uncommon, because administered directly to the tissue with little systemic effect
  20. Ipratropium might be given to an asthmatic under what acute conditions?
    Emergency situation with B2 agonists, if B2 agonists are not efficacious enough
  21. COPD is similar to asthma in what way?
  22. What is Tiotropium?
    Charged quaternary amines muscarinic antagonist that does not move systemically
  23. What are the advantages of Tiotropium over Ipratoropium?
    More efficacious, once day adminin (vs several times a day), reduced systemic effects, extended DOA
  24. Tiotropium and Ipratropium are usually used for what?
    Maintenance bronchodilators in the treatment of COPD
  25. Are Steroid anti-inflammatories often used acutely for asthma?
  26. What is the purpose of adding a steroid anti-inflammatory drug to a B2 agonist?
    Steroid anti-inflammatory drug sensitizes B2 receptors to the effects of albuterol or epinephrine
  27. Prophylactic drugs for asthma are generally what type of drugs?
  28. Can Asthma be described as an allergy of the Bronchials?
  29. Why is oral Thrush a problem with Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs?
    Suppressing the immune system/Oral administration
  30. What advise might you want to give a patient on Steroid anti-inflammatory drugs about Thrush?
    How to time inhalation and pressing the button on an inhaler to maximize drug into the lungs not the mouth
  31. What are the adverse effects of Cromolyn and Nedocromil?
    Mild irritation of the respiratory tract
  32. Cromolyn and Nedocromil are used for acute asthma (True/False).
    False, prophylactics
  33. Cromolyn and Nedocromil are taken in what dosage form?
    Tablets or Nasal Sprays
  34. Leukotriene are taken usually in what dosage form?
  35. Leukotrienes receptor antagonists are popular because of the high level of safety (True/False)
    False, if they enter the blood they are toxic and can interact with other drugs
  36. Leukotriene receptor antagonist have a narrow or wide therapeutic index?
  37. Are Salmeterol/ Formoterol given alone?
    No, never given alone
  38. What are Salmetrol/Formoterol given with?
    Inhaled steroids
  39. Long acting B2 agonist have a short onset of action (True/False)
    False, Long
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