Chapter 18-19 Test

  1. What characteristics helped presidents get elected during the 1840s and 50s?
    • popular
    • political experience
    • no mistakes on slavery
  2. Which party was the first to speak out against slavery in the west?
    free soil party
  3. What was the significance of the discovery of gold in California?
    became a state
  4. What was the main cause that congress no longer could compromise on slavery?
    compromises to old
  5. What did Webster say that got Northerners to agree to the compromise of 1850?
    can't grow cotton in west
  6. What did the Compromise of 1850 gain for the north?
    • California free state
    • DC has no slave trade
    • Texas was reduced
  7. What did the Compromise of 1850 gain for the South?
    • Fugitive Slave Law
    • Texas got 10 millionĀ 
    • popular sovereignty in west
  8. Which part of the Compromise of 1850 angered abolitionists?
    Fugitive Slave Law
  9. Which event led people to believe in the theory that planned to extend slavery as much as possible?
    William Walker in Nicaragua
  10. what two compromises did the Kansas-Nebraska Act wreck?
    • MissouriĀ 
    • Compromise of 1850
  11. What book attempted to get people
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
  12. What party set up a second government in Kansas in an attempt to keep that free state?
    free soil party
  13. Where did mob violence occur over slavery, which was a precursor to the civil war?
    Lawrence, Kansas
  14. What person took matters into his own hands to kill pro-slavery families that had just settled in Kansas?
    John Brown
  15. Why was the Lecompton Constitution undemocratic?
    had to vote on slavery
  16. What event on the congressional floor proves that the congress was now so divided that it could not settle the slavery issue?
    Sumner Brook's fight
  17. What party reemerged that was against emigrants?
  18. How did the Dred Scott decision confirm that slavery could not be ended by congress?
    Congress can't outlaw slavery
  19. What event was the most powerful in getting people to join the abolitionist cause?
    Dred Scott decision
  20. What helped make Lincoln famous to people in the US and prepare him for a run at presidency in 1860?
    Lincoln Douglass debate
  21. What idea did Stephen Douglass say would end slavery, once and for all, without the Congress's help?
    Free Port Doctrine
  22. What event angered Southerners and convinced them of Yankee plots to make slaves revolt?
    John Brown's raid
  23. What party had an appeal to every non-southern group?
  24. What event caused South Carolina to succeed in 1860?
    Lincoln's election
  25. 3 of the first succession states
    • Alabama
    • Missouri
    • Florida
  26. What compromise attempted to end slavery North of the 36 30 came too late to keep slavery from spreading even further and to stop the secession crisis?
  27. Whose inaction probably caused the civil war to start much more quickly than it should have?
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