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  1. production process (conversion process)
    a series of tasks in which resources are used to produce a product or service
  2. production management (operation management)
    the management of a process in which resources (such as employees and machinery) are used to produce products and services
  3. work station
    an area in which one or more employees are assigned a specific task
  4. assembly line
    a sequence of work stations in which each work station is designed to cover specific phases of the production process
  5. design
    the size and structure of a plant or office
  6. layout
    the arrangement of machinery and equipment within a factory or office
  7. product layout
    a layout in which tasks are positioned in the sequence that they are assigned
  8. fixed-position layout
    a layout in which employees go to the position of the product, rather than waiting for the product to come to them
  9. flexible manufacturing
    a productions process that can be easily adjusted to accomodate future revisions
  10. hoteling (just-in-time office)
    providing an office with a desk, a computer, and a telephone for any employee who normally works at home but needs to use work space at the firm
  11. production control
    involves purchasing materials, inventory control, routing, scheduling, and quality control
  12. outsourcing
    purchasing parts from a supplier rather than producing the parts
  13. deintegration
    the strategy of delegating some production tasks to suppliers
  14. inventory control
    the process of managing inventory at a level that minimizes costs
  15. carrying costs
    costs of maintaining (carrying) inventories
  16. order costs
    costs involved in placing orders for materials
  17. just-in-time (JIT)
    a system that attempts to reduce materials inventories to a bare minimum by frequently ordering small amounts of materials
  18. materials requirements planning (MRP)
    a process for ensuring that materials are available when needed
  19. work-in-process inventories
    inventories of partially completed products
  20. routing
    the sequence (or route) of tasks necessary to complete the production of product
  21. scheduling
    the act of setting time periods for each task in the production process
  22. production schedule
    a plan for the timing and volume of production tasks
  23. Gantt chart
    a chart illstrating the expected timing for each task in the production process
  24. program evaluation and review technique (PERT)
    a method of scheduling tasks to minimize delays in the production process
  25. critical path
    the path that takes the longest time to complete
  26. quality
    the degree to which a product or service satisfies a customer's requirements or expectations
  27. quality control
    a process of determining whether the quality of a product meets the desired quality level
  28. total quality management (TQM)
    the act of monitoring and improving the quality of products and services provided
  29. quality control circle
    the group of employees who assess the quality of a product and offer suggestions for improvement
  30. sampling
    randomly selecting some of the products produced and testing them to determine whether they satisfy the quality standards
  31. production efficiency
    the ability to produce products at a low cost
  32. benchmarking
    a method of evaluating performance by comparsion to some specified (benchmark) level, typically a level achieved by another company
  33. stretch targets
    production efficiency targets (or goals) that cannot be achieved under present conditions
  34. automated
    tasks are completed by machines without the use of employees
  35. economies of scale
    as the quantity produced increases, the cost per unit decreases
  36. fixed costs
    operating expenses that do not change in response to the number of products produced
  37. variable costs
    operating expenses that vary directly with the number of products produced
  38. break-even point
    the quantity of units sold at which total revenue equals total cost
  39. restructuring
    the revision of the production process in an attempt to improve efficiency
  40. reengineering
    the redesign of a firm's organiziational structure and operations
  41. downsizing
    an attempt by a firm to cut expenses by eliminating job position
  42. corporate anorexia
    the problem that occurs when firms become so obsessed with eliminating their inefficient components that they downsize too much
  43. supply chain
    the process from the beginning of the production process until the product reaches the customer
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