Theology Covenants Test

  1. the biblical sources go back to an ancient Mesopotamian story of a great flood known as
    the Giglamesh Epic
  2. Genesis 7:2-3 says that Noah took with him
    seven pairs of clean animals
  3. Genesis 8:3-5 says that the flood lasted
    one hundred and fifty days
  4. Genesis 7:4 says that the amount of time avaliable for catching the animals was
    7 days
  5. what was the first symbol of a covenant between god and huanity
    a rainbow
  6. In theses first stories of genesis we begin to learn about God.

    A. Genesis 1-2 shows us that God is an all powerful______

    B. Genesis 1:31 points out that everything God does is ______

    C. Genesis 2:18 shows God to be very sensitive to various human ______

    D. In Genesis 8:21 God does not hold a grudge. God is very ________
    • being
    • good
    • sin
    • forgiving
  7. The Torah makes all people become more like
  8. The Lord promises God three things
    • a great nation
    • a blessing for those who bless him
    • the land will be his descendants
  9. In Genesis 15 God seals these promises with Abraham by establishing an agreement or
  10. In Genesis 15 God tells Abram to get five things
    • heifer
    • she goat
    • ram
    • young pigeon
    • turtle dove
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Theology Covenants Test
Theology Covenants Test