GK Dash 1

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  1. Aircraft empty weight is
    4900 pounds
  2. Max takeoff gross weight is
    6500 pounds
  3. The engine produces how much shaft horse power
  4. How man quarts in the oil system
  5. Oil must be serviced within how man minutes of engine shutdown
    30 minutes
  6. Most accurate results check oil level , how many minutes after shutdown
    15 to 20
  7. Engine oil pressure indicator may display oil pressures up to what with the engine shut down
    up to 4psi
  8. Reduction Gearbox reduces the power turbine output shaft speed of over _________ to the propeller operating speed of _________.
    30,000RPM to 2,000RPM
  9. What is mounted in the Reduction Gearbox to detect ferrous material in the oil
    Chip detector
  10. 100% torque is available from ________ to approximately _________ to ________ feet MSL on a standard day
    Sea level , 12,000 to 16,000
  11. If the ________ circuit breaker is pulled the prop feather dump solenoid will not be powered
    Prop Sys
  12. Permanent magnet alternator supplies how many volts
    32 VAC
  13. The PMU will abort an auto start attempt to avoid a hung or hot start if ITT exceeds _______ degrees Celsius for ____ seconds , ________ degrees Celsius for _____ seconds , or ________ degrees Celsius for _____ seconds
    940 for 2 , 870 for 4 or 840 for 19
  14. At approximately _____% N1 the starter and igniters are deenergized and the boost pump is deactivated if fuel pressures is above _____ psi
    50% , 10psi
  15. The PCL maybe advanced to IDLE anytime N1 is at or above _____%
  16. The PMU status light will illuminate _____ minute after landing if fault conditions that are not serious enough to revert the system to manual are encountered in flight
    1 minute
  17. Power for the Fire #1 warning system is provided through a circuit breaker placarded FIRE 1 located on what bus?
  18. Power for the Fire #2 warning system is provided through a circuit breaker placarded FIRE 1 located on what bus?
  19. What are the weight and gallons for fuel in the left wing, right wing, and collector tank
    • Left wing : 79 Gallons & 527 pounds
    • Right Wing : 79 Gallons & 527 pounds
    • Collector Tank: 7 Gallons & 47 pounds
  20. Add ______ pounds if gravity refueled (over the wing)
    100 (approx 15 gallons)
  21. The auto balance system to keep the fuel level in the wing tanks within _______ pounds of each other
  22. Fuel imbalance of _____ pounds or more is detected for more than _______ seconds the transfer valve will close the __________ to the light tank
    20 pounds , 30 seconds, motive flow line
  23. If the fuel imbalance is not reduced to less than ______ pounds within _____ minutes , the FUEL BAL annunciator will illuminate and the auto balance system will shut off
    30 pounds , 2 minutes
  24. The red FUEL PX annunciator is activated by the low pressure switch and indicates less than ____ psi fuel pressure in the motive flow/return flow supply line
  25. The green Boost Pump annunciator is illuminated manually by selecting the _________ switch On
    Boost Pump
  26. The AMBER Left or Right Fuel Lo annunciators are activated by optical sensors indicating fuel quantity is below approximately _________ pounds in the respective wing tank
    110 pounds
  27. T or F: The optical sensors are independent of the fuel proves and fuel quantity gages.
  28. The outer fuel probe provides fuel reading until approximately
    445 +- 50 pounds
  29. The middle fuel probe reads fuel until approximately
    308 +- 50 pounds
  30. The inner fuel probe provides fuel readings until approximately _____ pounds
    20 pounds
  31. The ______________ provides a minimum of ______ seconds of fuels regardless of orientations and prevents air ingestion into the fuel system.
    fuel pickup valve , 15 seconds
  32. What is the volts and amps for the generator
    28 VDC , 300amps
  33. The generator needs to supply a minimum of ______ volts to charge the battery
  34. How many volts and amps is the battery
    24VDC , 42 amps
  35. How many volts and amps is the AUX Battery?
    24 VDC , 5 amps
  36. What does the AUX Battery power and for how long?
    Standby instruments, UHF backup radio, Fire 1 fire warning system , 30 minutes
  37. Do not connect external power if battery voltage is below _______ volts
  38. How many quarts in the Hydraulic system
  39. The ________________ valve in the main and emergency hydraulic system to prevent damage from high system pressure
    pressure relief valve (3250 to 3500 psi)
  40. The hydraulic system pressurizes the normal system and emergency accumulator to ____________ psi
  41. When can the hydraulic system power the landing gear, main gear , doors, flaps, speed brake , and nose wheel steering.
    1800 psi
  42. If hydraulic pressure indicator drops below 1800psi the hydraulic press display will change from ______ to ______
    white to amber
  43. An amber HYDR FL LO annunciator illuminates to indicate that the reservoir level has dropped below approximately
    1 quart
  44. An amber EHYD PX LO annunciator is illuminated when the emergency accumulator pressure drops below
  45. ________ is used to prevent a leak in the emergency system from depleting the main hydraulic system.
    hydraulic fuse
  46. T or F:In the event of an emergency hydraulic system leak that exceeds .25GPM the fuse limits fluid loss to a maximum volume of 20-30 cubic inches
  47. A normal gear extension/retraction sequence takes approximately ___ seconds.
  48. T or F: Electrical power is not required to use the emergency gear extension system
  49. What conditions will activate the landing gear position warning tone
    -Gear handle not down ,pcl below a midrange position ,airspeed below 120 kias and flaps up or t/o

    -Gear not indicating down and locked with flaps LDG

    -Weight on wheels with the gear handle not DOWN
  50. When will the gear horn automatically silence
    the gear handle lowered with flaps UP or T/O
  51. The speed brake will stay extended until , what 3 things happen?
    - the switch is moved forward to retract it

    - the flaps are extended

    -PCL is moved to max
  52. Secondary flight controls include electrically actuated _______________ and a _______________
    pitch/roll/yaw trim systems and a rudder trim aid device(TAD)
  53. When TRIM DISCONNECT switch is depressed what annuciators will illuminate
    Green TRIM OFF and TAD OFF
  54. How man independent pitot static systems are there
  55. The primary pitot system is made up of the pitot tube on the _________ side and the two static ports ___________________ port and ________________ port.
    Right, Upper right side, lower left side
  56. The secondary pitot system is made up of the pitot tube on the _________ side and the two static ports _____________ port and _____________ port.
    left, upper left side, lower right side
  57. How long will the standby indicator operate off of the AUX Batt
    Within 6degrees for a period of 9 minutes
  58. Green arc on the AOA is from ______ units to ________units.
    10 to 11
  59. The _________ is at ________ units on the AOA gauge
    white diamond , 8.8 units
  60. The _________ is at _______ units on the AOA guage
    white triangle , 4.9 units
  61. AOA stick shaker comes on __________ providing stall warning
  62. Stall is _______ units on the AOA guage
  63. The canopy can withstand a _____ pound bird strike at airspeeds up to ________ knots
    4 pound , 270 knots
  64. The pressure seal is pneumatically inflated using cooled engine ______________ tapped off the ___________ system
    bleed air , anti G
  65. When ejecting over mountainous terrain exceeding ___________ feet MSL the __________ should be used to manually separate from the seat and deploy the parachute
    8000ft , MOR
  66. Bleed Air from the left side ______ port is used for the ___________.
    P3 , OBOGS
  67. Bleed air from the right side ________ port is used for ____________, __________, ___________and _____________
    canopy seal, anti - G , heating/defogging and pressurization
  68. If Bleed air temperature at either sensor location exceeds ___________ F and amber ______________ annunciator will illuminate
    300 , DUCT TEMP
  69. UHF radio has how many stored frequencies
  70. VHF Communications has how many stored frequencies
  71. NAV has how many stored frequencies
  72. What is UHF Guard
  73. What frequencies does the ELT broadcast on
    121.5MHz and 406MHz
  74. An operating procedure, technique, etc. which could result in personal injury or loss of life is a
  75. An operating procedure, technique, etc. which could result in damage to equipment is a
  76. An operating procedure, technique, etc. which is considered essential to emphasize is a
  77. At 100% indicated torque , the engine is producing approximately ________ of torque at the prop shaft
    2900ft lbs
  78. A chip light/annunciator indicates
    metal contamination in the oil system
  79. With the PMU functioning the mechanical over speed governor limits the Np to at or below _____ at approximately 2120RPM
  80. With the PMU offline the mechanical over speed governor limits the Np to at or below ______ at approximately 2000RPM
    100 +- 2
  81. The PMU limits the flight Idle N1 to __________ and ground idle N1 to __________
    67, 60
  82. The ground and flight modes for the PMU are controlled by a
    weight on wheels switch on the main gear struts
  83. If the PMU STATUS light illuminates 1 minute after landing ___________
    There is a fault that is not serious enough to have reverted the system to the manual mode of operation during flight
  84. How many times can you reset the PMU
    Once, if it fails again set it to off and continue flight in manual mode
  85. The PMU is powered by
    Permanent magnet alternator
  86. During an auto start, at approximately _____%N1 the starter and igniters are de-energized and the boost pump is deactivated
  87. After the PCL is advanced past the start ready position, how can the start be terminated?
    -PCL must be placed in the off position

    -STARTER switch must be placed to AUTO/RESET
  88. After the PCL is advanced past the IDLE gate how can the start be terminated?
    PCL must be placed in the OFF position
  89. The sensor tubes in the overheat and fire detection system contain
    Helium and Hydrogen
  90. When the emergency firewall shutoff handle is pulled what fluids are shutoff
    • Fuel 
    • Hydraulic 
    • Bleed Air
  91. When parking on ramps with greater than ____% slope, the fuel system may vent fuel overboard through the pressure relief valve on the _____ wing
    1%, Low
  92. The ___________ directs fuel from each wing tank to the collector tank, keeping the collector tank pressurized
    Transfer jet pumps
  93. The __________ feeds fuel to the main fuel line
    primary jet pump
  94. The _____________ routes fuel to the engine driven high pressure fuel pump and the FMU
    Engine driven low pressure fuel pump
  95. The _____________ allows the high pressure pump to purge to the collector tank
    purge line
  96. The fuel transfer pumps pressurize the collector tank to _____psi.
    1 to 1.5
  97. _________ provides fuel for initial engine start and serves as a back up to the engine drive low pressure fuel pump
    Electric Boost Pump
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