MIS Exam 2

  1. Business case arguments based on ______ focus on beliefs about organizational strategy, competitive advantage, industry forces, customer perceptions, market share, and so on.
  2. System efficiency is the extent to which a system _______ .
    Enables people to do things faster or at lower costs
  3. BelAir Tech implements a new information system and sees a 5 percent increase in monthly sales after implementation. This is a ________ of the system.
    Tangible benefits
  4. The first phase of the systems development life cycle is _______ .
    Systems planning and selection
  5. Requirements collection takes place during the _______ phase of the systems development life cycle.
    Systems Analysis
  6. Which of the following steps takes an organization during both in-house systems development a well as external acquisition.
    Systems analysis
  7. Which of the following statements is true for any request for proposal?
    It is a list of user requirements sent to prospective vendors
  8. BelAir has decided to buy an information system from an external vendor. The company has made a list of its requirements and asked prospective vendors to submit proposals for the system. Which of the following is the next step in the company's external acquisition process?
    Proposal evaluation
  9. ________ occurs when data are isolated and replicated in separated information systems.
    Information silos
  10. An enterprise application integration product is ______ .
    A suite of software applications that tackles the information silo problem by providing layers of software that connects information systems together.
  11. The primary purpose of an ERP system is ______.
  12. The customization of ERP software to meet different customer requirements without changing the program code is called ____.
  13. The inherent processes defined in an ERP solution are also known as ____ .
    process blueprints
  14. ___________ is the process of obtaining the goods and services needed by an organization.
  15. Which of the following activities in the value chain includes receiving, storing and disseminating inputs to products?
    Inbound logistics
  16. Which of the following is a written document that requests the delivery of a specified quantity of a product or service in return for payments?
    Purchase order
  17. Raw materials inventory stores product components and other goods that are _____.
    Procured from suppliers
  18. Why did information silos exist in CBI before the implementation of SAP?
    The company used four different databases to store procurement information.
  19. The warehouse manager at CBI was unable to identify the cause of a sudden increase in the sales of certain bike models. Which of the following was the reason for this?
    The sales database did not contain information about sales promotion
  20. A _____ is an internal company document that that issues an order for a purchase.
    purchase requisition
  21. CBI shares ______ with its suppliers using SAP.
    purchase orders
  22. Which of the following is the final activity of the procurement process at CBI after the implementation of SAP?
    posting an outgoing payment
  23. Which of the following is a main activity of the sales process?
  24. Which of the following is a sales activity that is typically performed by a warehouse manager?
  25. Which of the following statements is true of sales process in an organization?
    its major activities are selling, shipment, and payment.
  26. Prior to the implementation of SAP at CBI, which department was responsible for sending invoices to customers?
  27. Before the implementation of SAP at CBI, the _______ department was responsible for checking customer's credit history and determining the risk of selling to a customer.
  28. Prior to the implementation of SAP at CBI, why did the inventory data in the warehouse database lag by a day?
    The data about finished goods inventory used to get updated in the warehouse only at the end of the day
  29. In the new SAP system at CBI, once a sales order is created, ________ .
    a credit approval request is generated
  30. When the warehouse manager at CBI selects the Post Goods Issue button in SAP, _____ .
    the legal ownership of the product changes
  31. The accounting department at CBI receives a message that it can bill a customer for a sale when the _____ .
    warehouse posts the goods issue in SAP
  32. The term _______ is commonly used to used to collection of companies and processes involved in moving a product from the suppliers of raw materials to the customer.
    supply chain
  33. Which of the following statements about just in time strategies is true?
    Companies using this strategy are trying to optimize their ordering quantities such that parts or raw material arrive just when they are needed for production.
  34. Computr maker, Dell, realized the problems with keeping large inventories, especially because of the fast rate of obsolescence of electronics components. Dell now keeps only about two hours of inventory in its factories. The company is most likely using a ____ .
    just-in-time inventory management systems.
  35. _______ is a business model in which the suppliers to a manufacturer manage the manufacturer's inventory levels based on preestablished service levels.
    Vendor-managed inventory
  36. _____ involves the development of various resource plans to support the efficient and effective production of goods and services.
    Supply chain planning
  37. Which of the following is a main objective of customer relationship management applications focusing on downstream information flows?
    to portray a positive corporate image
  38. ______ includes the systems used to enable customer interaction and service.
    Operational CRM
  39. Which of the following is a component of the operational CRM system?
    sales force automation
  40. ______ focuses on studying customer behavior and perceptions in order to provide the business intelligence necessary to identify new opportunities and to provide superior customer service.
    Analytical CRM
  41. Which of the following is the most complete definition of a computer crime?
    the act of using a computer to commit an illegal act
  42. Some computer criminals attempt to break into systems or deface Web sites to promote political or ideological goals. They are called _____.
  43. Arbitron consultants, a leading software consulting firm in the United States, decide to launch an ERP Solution. The company chooses the brand name ArbitEnterprise for the new solution. However, when the company attempted to register the domain name, it found that the domain name was registered to an unknown firm. The small firm is now attempting to sell the domain name to Arbitron. Which of the following terms refers to this practice of buying a domain name only to selling it for big bucks?
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