CRJ 200 Training

  1. 1. Can the
    main baggage compartment door be opened from the inside
  2. How many
    portable hand held fire extinguishers are there
  3. What are
    the locations of the hand held fire extinguishers
    • Behind the
    • first officer’s seat, flight attendant’s wardrobe unit, rear
    • passenger bulkhead
  4. 1. What type
    of floatation equipment is provided for the passengers?
    Seat Cushions
  5. 1. What type
    of floatation equipment is provided for the flight attendant
    Lifevest located in wardrobe unit
  6. How many
    life vests are in the flight deck
    • 3 (one under captain’s and FO’s seat, one
    • next to the jump seat
  7. Where are
    the passenger portable oxygen bottles located
    • Overhead
    • bin row 1 left side
  8. What is
    the minimum crew oxygen system pressure for dispatch
    • Listed on a
    • placard under
    • ED2 and a
    • chart in the CFM (dependent
    • on number of crewmembers
    • and temperature)
  9. Where are
    the crew smoke goggles located
    • Either part
    • of oxygen mask or
    • under oxygen mask
  10. How many sealed first aid kits and enhanced
    emergency medical kits must be on board?
    One of each
  11. Where is the first aid kit located
    FA’s wardrobe unit
  12. Where is the enhanced emergency medical kit located
    • Overhead bin in
    • overhead bin row
    • 2 left side
  13. In what rows are the extra passenger oxygen masks located
    All rows on right side
  14. Where are the 2 flight deck flashlights located
    One behind each seat
  15. What is the power source for the emergency lighting system
    4 battery packs
  16. Can the flight attendant select the emergency lights on, if
    the flight deck switch is off?
  17. With the emergency lights armed, a loss of power on which bus will cause the emergency lights to illuminate?
    DCEss Bus
  18. How long will the emergency lights illuminate if the battery
    packs are fully charged
    Approx.15 minutes
  19. What seats are considered to be emergency exit rows
    All of Row 8
  20. Where are the smoke detectors located
    1 in the lavatory, 2 in the baggage compartment
  21. What conditions would cause Takeoff Configuration Warning?
    • Parkingbrake ON
    • Autopilot ON
    • Spoilers Extended
    • StabTrim out of green range
    • Flaps not 8° or 20°
    • Aileron Trim out of green range
    • Rudder Trim out of green range
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