Human Anatomy

  1. Upper limb consists of the following:
    Pectoral girdle, arm, forearm, and hand
  2. Somites:
    Enbryos that develop in a segmental pattern
  3. sclerotome gives rise to:
    vertebrae and ribs
  4. Dermatome:
    • Segmental patterns in the skin.
    • Area of sin supplied by a single spinal cord level
  5. Myotome:
    • Segmental patterns in the muscle
    • Muscle mass innervated by a single spinal cord segment
    • Most muscle masses are made of more than one myotome
  6. Ventral Primary Ramus (Intercostal Nerve)
    • Innervates the skin of the anterior side and places the dorsal rami doesn't get
    • 1 peripheral nerve = 1 dermatome
  7. Intermuscular Septum
    • Deep fascia that creates a wall between muscle groups
    • It creates comparments in the upper limb
    • It guides infection
  8. Brachial Plexus comes off what rami?
    And what spinal levels
    It comes off the Ventral Rami of C5-T1 (and a little bit of C4)
  9. The ventral rami equate into what part of the Brachial Plexus?
    The roots of the Brachial Plexus
  10. The cephalic vein is found in what groove?
    The Deltopectoral groove
  11. The only joint in the body that joins that appendicular skeleton and the axial skeletons is the:
    Sternoclavicular joint (Between th manubrim and the Clavicle)
  12. Upward rotation of the scapula is what?
    The upward rotation of the glenoid cavity. The inferior angle moves laterally
  13. Downward rotation of the scapula is what?
    The downward movement of the glenoid cavity. The inferior angle moves medially
  14. What muscle does the Pectoralis Minor glide the scapula anterior and inferiorly with?
    The trapezius
  15. Where does the subclavian artery change into the axillary artery?
    At the first rib
  16. Where does the axillary artery change into the Brachial artery?
    At the inferior border of the teres major
  17. The borders of the 3 portions of the axillary artery are?
    • 1. Superior to the Pec Minor
    • 2. As it passes through the Pec Minor
    • 3. Inferior to the Pec Mino
  18. What is the artery that comes off the 1st portion of the axillary artery?
    The Superior Thoracic Artery
  19. What are the arteries that come off the axillary artery during the 2nd portion?
    Thoracoacromial and the Lateral Thoracic artery
  20. What are the arteries that come off the axillary artery during the 3rd portion?
    Posterior circumflex humeral artery, anterior circumflex humeral artery, and subscapular artery
  21. What are the 4 branches off the Thoraccoacromial artery?
    • 1. Deltoid
    • 2. Subclavicular
    • 3. Pectoral
    • 4. Acromial
  22. The Brachial vein turns into what vein?
    Axillary vein
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