Information Systems Test 3b

  1. Communication Media are ______, _______ or ________ the create a path over which information travels in a network.
    • lines
    • links
    • channels
  2. Analog signals are measured in ________.
  3. Digital communication signals are measured in _______.
    bps (bits per second)
  4. A _________ converts digital to analog and vice versa.
  5. A __________ communications signal is represented in binary.
  6. ___________ communication signals are represented as a continuous wave (sound, light, etc..)
  7. Three types of wired media are:
    • Twisted Pair
    • Coaxial Cable
    • Fiber Optic
  8. ______ _______copper wire technology is most commonly used for networks because of cost.
    Twisted Pair
  9. _______ ________ is more reliable than TWISTED PAIR, but also more costly. (Cable TV and internet).
    Coaxial Cable
  10. Fiber optic is the highest speed line that carries signals by means of ________ _______ generated by _______.
    • light pulses
    • lasers
  11. Three major types of wireless media are:
    • Infrared Transmission
    • Microwaves
    • Satellite
  12. _________ _________ are companies that provide data communications.
    Common Carriers
  13. Infrared transmission uses an infrared _______ ________ and needs line of sight (wireless keyboards and mouse).
    light source
  14. Microwaves are high frequency _________ _________ that travel in a _________ ________.
    • radio signals
    • straight line
  15. Each satellite rotates around earth at exactly earth's ________.
  16. Satellites communicate with earth with _________ pointed at the satellite.
  17. The _________ is the world's largest network which connects over 400,000 smaller networks in over 200 hundred countries.
  18. The internet is commonly referred to as a "_________ of _________"
    • network
    • networks
  19. _________ are high speed, high capacity transmission lines that use the newest communications technology to transmit data across the internet.
  20. A collection of modems and other equipment that allows you to connect to a network that is connected to the internet is called a ________.
    POP (point of presence)
  21. A __________ connects to the internet backbone.
    NAP (Network Access Point)
  22. _________ are private mini NAPS.
  23. There are _______ main NAPS, which are heavily congested.
  24. It takes these three things to connect to the internet:
    • Access Device ( like PC with modem)
    • Physical Connection (like telephone line)
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  25. A subset of the Internet which is a connection of servers that can store information in multimedia form is referred to as the _________ _______ ________.
    World Wide Web
  26. __________ networks are not on the World Wide Web.
  27. The protocol used by all computers on the internet is ______________.
    TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
  28. _________ __________ are the wired or wireless means of connecting to the internet.
    Physical connections
  29. An expression of how much data can be sent through a communications channel in a given period of time is called ____________.
  30. ____________ is a very high speed connection.
  31. Five major types of wired connections are:
    • telephone (dial up) modem
    • high speed phone lines (ISDN line)
    • DSL line
    • T1 Line
    • Cable Modem
  32. Four major types of wireless connections are:
    • Satellite
    • Wi-Fi
    • 3G
    • 4G
  33. A telephone  (dial up) connection is _______ user.
  34. The slowest, but least expensive type of wired connection is ___________.
    telephone (dial up)
  35. ________ on a phone line impacts speed.
  36. High Speed (ISDN) phone lines use a combination of ___________ and ________ to ___________ the speed of standard dial up phone lines.
    • hardware
    • software
    • double
  37. ISDN lines are ________ user.
  38. A DSL line is _________ user.
  39. DSL lines use a combination of software and hardware to make transmission speeds ____ to ___ times faster than standard dial up phone lines.
    • 20
    • 100
  40. A T1 line is ___________ user.
  41. A ________ line is expensive, but best for business.
  42. A T1 line can be ____ to ______ times faster than standard dial up modem lines.
    • 20
    • 700
  43. A cable modem is ________ user and a ________ connection.
    • multiple
    • broadband
  44. A cable modem's incoming transmission can be ______ to ______ times faster than a standard dial up modem telephone line, but outgoing is only ______ times faster.
    • 200
    • 600
    • 10
  45. With a _______ ________, security can be an issue.
    cable modem
  46. A ______ _______ may not always be available to businesses.
    cable modem
  47. A _________ connection requires a dish to transmit and receive __________.
    • satellite
    • microwaves
  48. A ________ connection requires a device to be within a few hundred feet of the access point or "______ ______" and must have necessary _________. The access points are then connected to the internet.
    • wi-fi
    • hot spot
    • hardware
  49. 3G uses an existing _______ _____ ______ (network) so it does not need _______ _______.
    • cell phone system
    • access points
  50. A _____ wireless connection is like wi-fi but access point can be 6 to 10 miles away.
  51. ____________ is the transmission of data from a remote computer to a local computer.
  52. __________ is the transmission of data from a local computer to a remote computer.
  53. A company or organization that connects you to the internet is called an ________.
    ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  54. 4 types of FREE SERVICE PROVIDERS are:
    • Educational Institutions you are enrolled at.
    • A company that you work for.
    • Libraries
    • Companies that want you to see their ads.
  55. ________ _________ providers are local companies that will sell you internet access with limited support.
    Basic Service
  56. 3 basic types of ISPs are:
    • Free
    • Basic
    • Full
  57. _________ _________ providers offer more reliable access and technical support.
    Full service.
  58. _____ ________ uniquely identify every computer and other devices connected to the internet.
    IP addresses
  59. A cooperate of Universities and some other businesses that added faster communication lines which only they can use is referred to as ______ ___.
    Internet 2
  60. _______ _______ are the number one carrier of viruses.
    Email attachments
  61. In order to open an email attachment, a computer must have compatible ________.
  62. __________ is a system that allows documents scattered across many Internet siteds to link together.
  63. With hypertext, a ______ or _______ in one document becomes a connection to another document.
    • word
    • phrase
  64. _______ is a set of special instructions that are used to specify document, structure, format and links to other documents.
    HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  65. A _______ is the location of a web domain name (in a computer) somewhere on the internet.
  66. A _____ ______ is a document of the world wide web the may include text, pictures, sound and video.
    web page
  67. The _______ ______ is a welcome page that identifies the site.
    home page
  68. A _____  is a string of characters that points to a specific piece of information anywhere on the web. In other words, the website's _______ ________.
    • URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
    • unique address
  69. scheme://domain:port/path?query_string#fragment_id is a type of _____.
    URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
  70. _______ are types of software that enable users to find and view web pages.
  71. _____ _______ are gateway web sites that make using the internet easier. Yahoo, Netscape and AOL for example.
    Web portals
  72. _________ __________ allow you to find a specific document through keyword searches and menu choices.
    Search engines
  73. A _______-____ is a program that adds a certain feature to a browser allowing it to play or view a certain file.
    plug in
  74. Adobe Acrobat would be one type of _____ -___.
    plug in
  75. ___________ is when customized text, video and/or audio are sent to you automatically on a regular basis.
    Web-casting (Push Technology)
  76. Most _________ get in your computer through the internet when you download information, usually video, or open e-mail attachments.
  77. __________ are programs that attach themselves to your hard drive and monitor every activity you perform on your computer.
  78. Spyware that causes pop-ups to appear are called ___________.
  79. __________ allows you to connect to a remote computer on the Internet and utilize all the services of the remote computer. (often used to connect to a mainframe).
  80. Conducting business on the internet is termed ____________.
  81. Worms and trojans are __________ of viruses.
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