Watch Commander

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  1. Explain the duties of the Watch Commander
    Operational supervision of all NAS Sigonella NSF operations during Shift
  2. Explain the duties and responsibilities of the Patrol Supervisor
    • The W/C's Eyes and Ears on the road
    • In Charge of that post
  3. Explain what the Emergency Operations Center is, where it is, why it would be established and what your duties as Watch Commander are
    • The EOC is an information center for members of the Crisis Management Team to coordinate response to a crisis.
    • Located at Bldg. # 463 on the flight line.
    • Command to activate the EOC is given by the CO.
    • Watch Commander will recall and brief EOC LPO, ASECO, OPS Officer, and AT Officer. (SOP 0400)
  4. Explain when you would do a Restricted Desk Journal
    • Used for sensitive cases and to limit the amount of information disseminated. Can include, but not limited to cases of
    • Minors
    • Sexual in nature, 
    • Incidents involving 0-5 and up
    • Suicides
  5. Discuss when a Watch Commander would download a patrolman
    • Red Cross message
    • Emotional distress
    • Intoxicated
    • Insufficient rest
    • Angry and/or aggressive behavior.
  6. Discuss the importance of the Family Care Plan
    Allow for them to maintain their military responsibilities, and maintain worldwide availability.
  7. Discuss the NEO procedures
    - Coordinate with local officials and Polizia for security and escorts if needed. Provide control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. During seaborne operations, transport to the port cannot be done by POV in order to prevent traffic congestion; PWD will be responsible for transportation.
  8. What is the NEO Instruction
    NASSIGINST 4310.1D
  9. What are the Phases for a NEO
    PHASE I – “Ready”, PHASE II – “Set”, PHASE III – “Go”.
  10. What are the Catagories for a NEO
    Categories of personnel are:

    CAT I – Family members of military, DoD civilians or contract employees, and American citizens with documentation (valid or expired).

    CAT II – Alien members of American families.


    CAT IV – Other Aliens or undocumented American citizens (without even expired documentation).
  11. NASSIG Security’s uniform Instruction
    NASSIGINST 1020.2M
  12. Explain what action you take if an individual refuses to comply with a Command Authorized Vehicle Inspection
    Notify CoC. Patrolmen on-scene will obtain all information of all occupants, confiscate the vehicle base pass, direct the vehicle off the base, and pass info to dispatch and Watch Commander. Watch Commander will ensure that a Desk Journal and notifications have been made.
  13. Discuss the procedures for loss or theft of firearms
    Notify Chain of Command. Ensure patrolmen lock down armory, establish and maintain perimeter. Notify CID and NCIS. Ensure that an ICR is completed.
  14. Discuss prioritizing calls for service
    Determination of call priority should be based on the risk to life and property
  15. Discuss building check procedures and discrepancies notification
    If there are any discrepancies, make notification to Section Chief and CoC. Ensure that a DJ is completed
  16. Discuss what actions are taken for unauthorized photography
    Ensure patrolman have detained and obtained all information from individual. Make notifications to CoC. Verify individual is not authorized to take pictures by notifying the PAO. Notify NCIS in any case where individual does not have authorization. Ensure that a DJ and ICR are completed.
  17. Discuss intrusive/micromanagement styles of leadership
    Intrusive leadership involves knowing your personnel and the factors that affect their lives to ensure that you are aware of their abilities to focus on duties. Micromanagement is having to be involved in every aspect of the operation, decision making, and personnel in the section.
  18. What is the PFA/PRT instruction
    • OPNAVINST 6000.1C
    • OPNAVINST 6110.1H
    • NASSIGINST 6110.1F/G
  19. PFA/BCA Requirements
    BCA can be done 10 days prior, but no less than 24 hours prior to PFA. Maximum body-fat allowances are:  Men 17-39 = 22%. Men 40+ = 23%. Females 17-39 = 33%. Females 40+ = 34%. PT is required three times per week for 45 minutes. FEP PT will be conducted, at a minimum, three times per week for one hour during the workday. Pregnant women are exempt from body-fat standards and participate in mild PT three times per week, for 30 minutes, during the
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