Ecology Chp.5 (2)

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  1. Process of dividing up resources in an ecosystem so that species with similar needs (overlapping ecological niches) use the same scarce resources, or in different places
    Resource partitioning
  2. Population change:
    (births + immigration) - (deaths + emigration)
  3. A study of how these characteristics of population change in response to changes in environmental conditions
    Population dynamics
  4. Population size is governed by:
    Births, deaths, immigration, emigration
  5. Population distribution:
    Clumping, Uniform dispersion, Random dispersion
  6. The proportions of individuals at various ages. Can have a strong effect on how rapidly it increases in size
    Age structure
  7. The rate at which the population of a species would grow if it had unlimited resources
    Intrinsic rate of increase (r)
  8. Species vary in their ____ or capacity for populations growth under ideal conditions
    Biotic potential
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