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  1. What is a mixture?
    • A combination of elements or compounds that are physically blended together but not bound by chemical bonds. (EX: Air you breathe)
    • Can be liquids, solids, or gasses.
    • Common liquid mixtures are solutions, colloids, and suspensions.
  2. What is a colloid?
    • A solution with large particles of solute that scatter light as it passes through it, which makes the solution translucent, cloudy, or opaque. (think milk color)
    • A colloid is a solution.
  3. What is a suspension?
    • A suspended material that might mix with a liquid or suspending medium for some time, but eventually settles out.
    • Does not stay evenly dispersed like a solution. (Is not homogeneous)
  4. What are two common ways the concentration of solvents are expressed?
    • Mass per volume percentage (EX: 14.1% alcohol per volume)
    • Moles per liter (EX: A 1 molar (1 M) solution = 1 mole of a solute in 1 liter of solution)
  5. What is a mole?
    • A mole is 6.02 * 10^23 of something.
    • A mole of an elements atoms is = to its atomic mass in grams. (A mole of a molecule is the sum of all its monomers atomic masses as grams.) 
    • A mole of something other than an atom or molecule is "a mole of FU", formula unit.
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