17. Work

  1. get your first opportunity to work for an organization or business, which could later bring you success.
    get your/a foot in the door - kap egy lehetőseget
  2. accept and deal with sg difficult without letting it worry you.
    take sg/things in your stride - különösebb megerőltetés          nélkül
  3. hope that sb will help you or that sg will happen because all your plans depend on this.
    pin (all) your hopes on sb/sg - minden reményét beleveti valakibe
  4. do sg without help from anyone
    go it alone - önállóan tesz valamit
  5. rely on only one thing for success, having no other possibilities if sg goes wrong.
    • put all your legs in one basket - mindent egy lapra tesz fel
    • keep your options open - nyitva hagyja a lehetőségeket
  6. stay friends with sb because you think you will benefit from it.
    keep in with sb - jó viszonyban marad valakivel
  7. make sure you find out about recent developments in a particular situation
    keep your ear to the ground - figyel, fülel
  8. by talking in an informal way to other people
    • on the grapevine - közszájon forog
    • szájról szájra terjed
  9. become well known and respected by many people
    make a name for yourself - hírnévre tesz szert
  10. have a sensible and realistic attitude
    keep your feet on the ground - maradj reális
  11. (used with time, age, distancce, etc.) almost; very nearly (He's ... 60).
    close on - közel áll vmihez -időben, térben, korban
  12. A person who part is... is so familiar to you that you no longer notice them.
    part of the furniture - régi bútordarab
  13. used to say that sb won't get or keep a job because they are not the kind of person that the employer wants.
    sb's face doesn't fit - nem illik az összképbe
  14. look after sb who has less experience than you
    take sb under your wing - szárnyai alá vesz
  15. the clever ways of doing things in a particular job.
    Know the tricks of the trade - ismeri a szakma fortélyait
  16. give sg to sb else (in this case, knowledge of the job), especially after receiving it yourself.
    pass sg on (to sb) - továbbad, továbbít
  17. a boring job with no hope of promotion
    dead-end job - kilátástalan munka - zsákutca
  18. be difficult to do, or involve a lot of effort or time
    take some doing -?
  19. tell people what to do in a bossy way.
    throw your weight around/about - hatalmát feltűnően fitogtatja
  20. be dismissed from a job
    • got the push/boot/elbow - kirúgják
    • They gave me the push/boot/elbow
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17. Work