16. Study

  1. used to say that sb is trying hard even though they are not successful.
    it is not for want/lack of trying -?
  2. every night for a period of time
    night after night - éjszakánként
  3. stop sb being as successful as they should be
    • hold sb back - visszatart
    •                           Feltartóztat
  4. show that sg seems to be happening, e.g... improvement, recovery etc.
    show signs of improvement - a fejlődés jeleit mutatja
  5. almost nothing
    next to nothing - majdnem semmi
  6. used to tell sb that they are not doing well as must work harder.
    pull your socks up - kösd fel a gatyádat
  7. have achieve... as a result of sg that you have done.
    have nothing / sg / little / a lot to show for sg. - Sokat/keveset mutat fel valamiben
  8. change your life by stopping a bad habit or becoming a better person
    turn over a new leaf - új életet kezd
  9. work hard on sg; give your full attention to sg
    apply oneself to sg - valamire adja magát
  10. very well; with a very high mark/grade
    with flying colours - győztesként
  11. succeed in doing sg with difficulty, especially passing the exam
    • scrape through  sg - átcsúszik
    •                                      átverekszi magát
  12. talk angrily to sb for doing sg wrong
    • tell sb off - leszid
    •                     kioktat
  13. as a habit; as the usual way of doing sg
    • as a matter of routine/course - természetesen
    •                                                         Magától értetődően
  14. stop doing sg, especially sg wrong
    cut sg out - eltávolít
  15. reduce the mark, grade given to sb in an exam
    mark sb down - lepontoz
  16. ... one after another
    two weeks / three years / four times running come on - négyszer egymás után
  17. improve
    come on - halad
  18. very quickly; in large amounts
    • in/by leaps and bounds - rohamosan
    •                                              ugrásszerűen
  19. you are completely confused by it
    • can't make head or tail of sg. - Se füle se farka
    •                                      Nem tudok rajta eligazodni
  20. you don't understand it
    goes over your head - túl magas neked
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