14. Driving an journey

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  1. stop sb from moving their car out of a place
    block sb/sg in - lezár (kerékbilinccsel)
  2. (of a vehicle or driver) move suddenly in front of another vehicle, leaving little space between the two vehicles
    cut in (on sg/sb) - elévág (járműnek)
  3. signal to a driver to stop by waving at them
    • flag sb down - leint (autót)
    •                            megállít
  4. move to the side of the road to stop or let sg pass
    • pull over - félreáll
    •                    jobb oldalon megáll
  5. travel from one place to another
    get from A to B - eljut a-ból b-be
  6. in a straight line
    • as the crow flies - toronyiránt
    •                                  Légvonalban
  7. (of a situation) be difficult an unpleasant
    be murder - gyilkos (nehéz, kellemetlen) helyzet
  8. stop driving so that a passenger can get out of your car
    drop sb off - kitesz vkit kocsiból
  9. leave yourself only a very short amount of time to do sg.
    • cut it/things fine - hajszálra kiszámítva
    •                                  éppen csak hogy sikerül
  10. very slowly
    at a snail's pace - csigalassúsággal
  11. in the countryside, a long way from a town
    miles from anywhere - impériában
  12. start working more effectively or faster
    • step/move up a gear - magasabb sebességbe tesz
    •                                          Fokozza a sebességet
  13. working very fast and effectively
    in top gear - csúcssebességgel
  14. used to talk about the future and what might happen
    (further) down the road -?
  15. give (sb/sg) permission to start sg. (see spotlight)
    • give (sb/sg) the green light - szabad teret enged
    •                                                    zöld utat jelez
  16. make sg/sb famous or important
    put sg/sb on the map - ismertté, híressé tesz
  17. the point at which sg can no longer continue in the same way
    the end of the road/line - az út vége
  18. (usually used in the progressive) (of a business) keep working, without producing or achieving much
    • tick over - üresen jár
    •                    Legkisebb fordulatszámmal jár
  19. lose your energy and enthusiasm
    run out of steam - kifogy a szuszból (gőz(mozdony)
  20. start behaving in a wild or unacceptable way
    go off the rails - kisiklik
  21. take a particular course of action
    • go down that road -? 
    • Go down the wrong way - cigányútra téved
  22. the car engine is running but the car is not moving
    is ticking over - üresben jár a motor
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